Sunday, January 17, 2016

We had a good day in the Lord’s house today. We had 10 to ride the bus this morning.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua and how he was an overcomer. We looked at Joshua’s life where he took over leading the children of Israel into the land of Canaan. In chapter one of the book of Joshua God told Joshua 4 times to be strong and of good courage. Why did God tell Joshua to be strong and of good courage? It was probably because Joshua was scared and was fearful. He was taking over the leadership of over 2 million people and leading them into a country they had never seen before. Yes Joshua had seen it, but I’m sure he had not seen all of the land of Canaan. He was fearful of failing the Lord in his leadership of the children of Israel. He was fearful of failing God. He overcame the fears that he had. Why because God told him to be strong and of a good courage. Yes God told him to be strong, but in order for him to overcome his fears he not only had to hear the Word of God but he had to believe it. He had to believe that God would be with him and never forsake him and that God will give him the strength and courage he needed to lead God’s people into the land of Canaan. We too need to be overcomers like Joshua. God lives inside of us and God is greater than the devil and the world. All we have to do is read the Word of God and believe what the Word of God says and put our armour on. If we listen to the lies of the devil we will be defeated and God does not want us to live a defeated life. God wants us to be overcomers. As long as we are scared and fearful of the future we will not do anything for God. We need to trust Him by faith and know that He will take care of us and lead us. Be an overcomer.

This morning Pastor preached out of Acts 4:1-12 on “None Other Name.” The name of Jesus is the greatest name on earth. But it is a name that has drawn a lot of criticism. Other religions don’t want the name of Jesus in their religion. Criticism always comes from other religions. Greatest criticism we will get will come from other religions in this world. If we start criticizing someone doing something for God we need to be careful and check up because something is wrong with us. There will always be criticism if we are trying to serve God and live for Him. Religions criticize Jesus Christ because He changes lives forever. Religion criticized because they can’t stand the resurrection. They don’t like the Gospel because it deals with the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. Jesus is rejected by them. If salvation can’t be done their way then they want nothing of it and have rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus died poor so that people would love Him for Who He is and what He did. The name of Jesus has cleansed more diseases than any other name. He not only heals but He makes them whole. If we do not believe by faith then we do not believe at all. Only God can change our lives and make us whole and make us a new creature. Even after salvation God still changed us and works in our lives to perfect us and to make us more like Him. Lastly the name of Jesus has been so sadly copied today. Others try to create a salvation without the name of Jesus Christ. Why? They want to justify themselves and the sin they are involved in. They do not want to see themselves as God sees them. God cannot be copied and will never be able to be copied no matter how much mankind and religion tries to copy Him. They want to copy God without the resurrection because they do not want the new life; they don’t want a change in their life. The name of Jesus is so precious to us as Christians but yet is so hated by the world.

Tonight Pastor preached on “Some Things That Only Servants Know” out of John 2:1-11. The first thing we see about the servants is their condition. Obedience was their greatest concern. They didn’t care about fanfare or popularity, but they did care about being obedient to Jesus. Obedience should be the greatest concern of our Christian lives. The servants were willing to do what they were told to do even if it made no sense to them. We should be obedient to what God wants us to be and do. We also see the character of the servants. They didn’t complain about having to fill the water pots again. They had already filled the water pots one time and yet Jesus asked them to do it again. They never complained they just did what they were told to do. How many times do we say “God, I’ve already done this one time and you want me to do it again?” No matter how many times God tells us to do something we should still do it. God sometimes makes us do things again because we get too proud. If we get away from doing what God’s will is for our lives we will get an F on our report card because we are not being obedient and having the character of a servant. We should keep doing what we’re supposed to be doing. The servants were willing to do whatever God wanted them to do. The servants did their job to the very best of their ability. They filled the water pots to the brim. They were going to do the best that they could. We as servants should do our very best at what we do for God. Thirdly we see the carrying of the servants. There will be times when God tells us to do things but we don’t fully understand why. The servants didn’t understand all the Jesus did that day but it didn’t stop them from doing what God told them to do in carrying the cup to the governor. They carried the cups knowing that what was in the cup was water. They didn’t know what had happened with the water until the governor had tasted the water. What God wants us to do sometime doesn’t make any sense, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to not do God’s will for our lives. Lastly we see their confidence was built. Their confidence was built by the response of the taster. They knew Jesus was God because of what He had done. It was built by the memory of the Master. They knew what He said and what He did. We know how good the Master, our King, is to us. God says He’ll take care of us and He will. He has never lied and will never let His children down. Jesus’ servants know God will take care of them. Being a servant sometimes is not easy and it gets hard. If we serve God we can say there are only some things a servant knows. Are you a real servant of Jesus? How obedient are you? God will never ask us to do something we are not capable of doing.