Sunday, January 24, 2016

We had a good day in the Lord’s house today. We had 17 kids on the bus this morning with 4 new ones. The Lord is good to us and we are so thankful every Sunday for all of the kids that ride the bus.

This morning we learned about Micaiah and how he did not yield to the negative or bad peer pressure that was around him. Micaiah could have given into the bad peer pressure around him but he stayed true to his God and did not allow the peer pressure to get to him. Today we are all bombarded with peer pressure no matter what your age is. But as Micaiah we need to surround ourselves with good peer pressure and stay away from bad peer pressure. The devil wants nothing for then for us to listen to the bad peer pressure that is around us. He will also send bad peer pressure into our lives trying to get us to get away from the Lord. We don’t need any bad peer pressure in our lives. If someone is trying to get us to quit reading the Word of God or praying or doing something for God we need to get away from them. We need to surround ourselves with positive and good peer pressure. We need to be around people who will encourage us to do those things that are right and good and are godly. We need encouragement in reading our Bible and praying and doing whatever is God’s will for our lives. What kind of peer pressure are you allowing in your life? If it is bad peer pressure get away from it. If it is good peer pressure stay where you are and don’t allow any bad peer pressure to come into your life and get you away from God.

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 19:1-10 on “What Will Make A Man Climb A Tree?” Zaccheus climbed the sycamore tree that day all because he wanted to see Jesus. He got to the point in his life that he wanted to see God. We will climb a tree when we realize money doesn’t satisfy anymore. If money satisfied a person, Zaccheus would have been satisfied because he was a rich man. He could have had anything he wanted in life. Money will cause us to lay a lot of things down that we would normally hold dear in our hearts (wife, husband, family, friends, etc.). Money cannot and will NEVER bring satisfaction in our lives. A saved person that is right with God will not let money rule his life; because he knows the dangers that it holds. Secondly, we’ll climb a tree when the imperfections of others don’t mean anything anymore. Zaccheus had to get over the ridicule of others when he climbed the tree that day. He had to get over what everyone thought about him and was thinking about him when he climbed the tree. If he wanted to really see Jesus he had to get over what everybody thought. If we are going to see Jesus we are going to have to get over what others think of us. People don’t get saved today because they are afraid of what others will think of them. The guilt of his past caused him the climb the tree. He did people wrong as being a tax collector and he took money from people wrongfully. The deeds that he had done were haunting him. He had regrets in his past for what he did. No matter how much he cheated people out of money, it never satisfied him. Our guilt of what we have done in the past and what we do wrong on a daily basis will haunt us and should make us desire to see Jesus more clearly and better each day. Lastly he came as a child. It is not unusual to see a child climb a tree but to see an adult climb a tree is not a usual sight. He came as a child and climbed a tree to see Jesus. He was desperate to see Jesus. In order to come to Jesus we have to come as a child. He wanted to be with Jesus more than anything else in his life. He realized he needed help and Jesus had the answer and the help that he needed. He had to make a conscious decision to come and dine with Jesus that day. He repented of his deeds; he had to come clean. He didn’t want the old Zaccheus around any longer. How much do you desire to see Jesus in your life? Are you letting things get between you and God?

Tonight Pastor preached on “Keep Cleaning It Up” out of 2 Chronicles 14:1-15:8. We need to keep the path clear that has already been cleaned. We need to stick with the old paths, the paths that work. If we’re going to be all that God wants us to be we have got to keep cleaning and we have to stay on the right path. While resting and cleaning there was an enemy getting ready to fight. While we are rest from fighting and are cleaning things up in our lives the devil is getting ready to attack us. We need to be ready for his attack on our lives because he does not want us cleaning up our lives to get closer to the Lord. To keep cleaning us we also need to make some barriers. We need to set us some boundaries in our lives and stick with those boundaries and not let those boundaries down. We need to teach others to have boundaries and teach them what boundaries they need to set up in their own lives. We need to have boundaries so that others can see them and make boundaries in their own lives. We also need to join forces with those willing to take a stand. We need to watch who we hang around. We don’t need to hang around someone who is living worldly and going against God. We need to teach our children the right way. We need to have friends who believe like we do and stand like we do. They can help us fight when we are in a battle if they believe like we do and take a stand for the Lord. If our kids don’t turn out for God, it’s not someone else’s fault, it is our fault. We are not as good as we thing we are spiritually. We are a long ways away from where God would like for us to be spiritually. If we build walls there won’t be any liberals coming around us. No obstacle is too big that God cannot handle. There is nothing God can handle; there is no battle that God cannot fight and win. If we believe God can do it and leave the battle in His hands we will be victorious every time. He will help us get the things out of our lives that are keeping us from drawing closer to Him. We cannot quit cleaning now. We need to keep cleaning up our lives spiritually because the task is not done. We need to keep cleaning us so the generation behind us will keep cleaning. Do the best job you can when cleaning up your life. KEEP CLEANING UP!!! Don’t give up yet. God needs you and so does the people of God.