Sunday, February 7, 2016

2 Timothy 3:16 says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” We started our Bible Doctrine Conference this morning. So far the messages and the doctrines that have been preached have been excellent.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at the life of Job and the kind of person he was. Job was a righteous man, a perfect (mature) man, one that feared God, and one that eschewed (hated) evil. God thought a lot of Job and even let Satan attack the life of Job and all that he had to see if he would keep his integrity and not curse God. In one day Job lost all that he had, he lost his 10 kids and all of his cattle. Think of all the pain, and anguish, and heartache Job must be feeling after learning he lost all that he had. He lost everything but what do we find him doing at the end of chapter one? He is worshiping God and blessing God. Then after all this Satan places boils all over Job’s body. Job sat down in sackcloth and ashes with a potsherd and scrapped the boils. Image what must be going through Job’s mind; how he must be feeling and thinking. To make matters worse he has four friends that came to talk to him, but they did not help matters and they did not encourage Job at all. In the end Job was humbled by God and God blessed him and gave him double of what he had. Why did God bless him? Because he remained true and faithful to God and was thankful for all that he had. He knew and realized that no matter what happened God was good. No matter if we are having a hard day or a good day, God is good. We always need to remember that God is good. When we see life one day at a time we have good days, bad days, blessed days, hurtful days, joyful days and painful days. Separate they are not good, but God puts them all together and He makes all things work together for good. No it may not work for good at the moment if we are going through a hard time, but in the end God will make it all work out for our good. We just have to have faith and believe God.

This morning Dr. Young (former Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church) started off our Doctrine Conference by preaching on “The Doctrine of Hell” out of Matthew 13:36-42. There are three people that don’t believe in hell: the world, the cults, and the religious world. There is no forgiveness or mercy in hell. The rich man mentioned in Luke 16 was never given a name because of Matthew 7 where God says to those that are lost they He never knew them. Hell is a place a real place. Hell was made for the wicked, those that won’t listen to the gospel that is preached. Hell is in the center of the earth – Prov. 15:24. It has different levels of punishment – Prov. 9:18. Hell is a pit – Isaiah 14:15. It is a bottomless pit where those that go to hell will be falling and falling and falling for all of eternity. Hell enlarges itself – Is. 5:14. Hell has to enlarge itself to make room for those that are dying in their sins and going to hell because they love darkness more than light. Hell was designed and is controlled by God – Rev. 20:1-3. Satan does not even have the keys to his own house. He cannot come and go as he pleases. Hell is a furnace of fire – Matt. 13:36-42. Those that go there are cursed forever. Hell is a place of torment – Luke 16:23-31. Those in hell will have all their senses. They can hear, they can smell, they can see, they can talk, and they can feel. They will suffer for all of eternity. There is no mercy in hell. There is no water in hell. Those in hell want someone to go and tell their families about hell so that the rest of their family doesn’t end up in hell like the. Those in hell have their own worm – Mark 9:44. The worm is a punishing agency created by God for those in hell. They will be forever plagued by their own worm. There I no light there – Jude 13. Fire gives off light, but the center of a fire is black which the hottest part of a fire is. The black part of a fire is the fire that will be in hell. It will be a place of total darkness. Lastly, the lake of fire is the end of it all – Rev. 20:1-15. They have no home, no name, and no place to go to. It is the final doom for all those that have rejected God’s please for them to repent and have rejected His love. Where will you spend eternity when you die?

Tonight Dr. Young continued out Doctrinal Conference by preaching out of Revelation 21:1-4 on “The Doctrine of Heaven.” The final show of God’s love to His children is Heaven, our home. There is no more separation between us and God. Imagine what it’s going to be like to hear His voice for the first time. The curse will have been removed from us. Heaven is just the opposite of what hell is going to be like. There are three heavens, the terrestrial (where we abide on earth), the telestial (outer space) and the celestial (where God abides). Only two people have ever went to the third heaven and told about it that is the Apostle Paul, and John. Heaven is a real place; it is just as real of a place as hell. Heaven is being prepared for those that are saved and have trusted in the blood of Jesus to cover their sin. Jesus is preparing our mansion right now, and when He is finished He is going to return for His children. Heaven is a resting place – Heb. 11:13-16. We are pilgrims and strangers here on this earth, but in heaven we will be HOME. We will no longer be pilgrims and strangers. In the morning we will have to fight to do what we want to do for the Lord, but in heaven, we won’t have to have that fight any more. Heaven is a residing place (home) – Ps. 11:4. There will be no more moving. We will be at our final destination in life. It will be the move we have been waiting for all of our life. Our actions will be different there because we will be home. We will be singing and praising God and rejoicing like we never have before. Heaven is a glorious place – Rev. 21. We cannot describe the beauty of heaven because it is so beautiful – 1 Cor. 2:9. When we get to heaven we will be consumed with its gloriousness. It was created by Him for us and for Him. Heaven will be forever – 1 Pet. 1:4. There will be no cracks in heaven, no deterioration in heaven. It will last forever and it will never fade away. Heaven is 1,500 cubed square miles. Walls are made of jasper. The street of heaven is made of pure gold so refined it is like transparent glass. The foundations of the walls are made of precious stones. The 12 gates are made from 12 pearls. Heaven will be a blessing because of the presence of God. The promise of God will be there that He will wipe away all our tears. Our cares of this earth will be gone. Heaven is a guarded place. Not everyone can go there. Sin will not be in that city. There will be no more sorrow, no more death, and no temple. There will be no more sun – vs. 25, no more night and no more curse. No more sin, no more of the filth of this world will we have to deal with. Heaven will be the final abode of God’s people. Are you going to heaven when you die?

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