Friday, February 12, 2016

Well tonight was the last night of our Bible Doctrine Conference. What a tremendous week we have had this week. We have heard a lot of great preaching on some really great doctrines from the Bible. The Lord really helped us this week.

Pastor Bill South started the last night of our Bible Doctrine Conference on “The Doctrine Of The Home” out of Gen. 2:16-25. There are three institutions that were created by God: the civil government, the church, and the home. All three are under a great attack and are in trouble today. The homes in America are dysfunctional today because all the parts are there to make a home, but they are not all working properly as they should. In Matt. 19:3-9 Jesus was asked about the subject of divorce. In these verses you see the people of the marriage (vs. 4) which should be male and female. There is no marriage other than a man and a woman. The pattern for marriage is seen is verse 5; it was God that instituted marriage and the time of marriage. Then you see the permanence of marriage in verse 6 and Eccl. 3:14. A marriage is to last forever. When we are reading the Bible we should be reading it with intentions. The proper way to view a home is through a Biblical perspective. There is a specific order for the home, and God demonstrated it in the first home mentioned in the Bible. Man has a divine help meet made for him. Man was given the correct help meet for him, and man is still given the correct help meet for him if he marries in the will of God. In 1 Tim. 2:11-15 we see that God intended for man to lead the home. Man leading the home is the way that God designed it. When a woman usurps authority over the man she is killing her husband with her hands. The man was intended to lead the home because the woman was deceived. We also see that the woman is supposed to love – Gen. 3:16. She is to love by serving – her willingness to submit to her husband and his authority over her life. It’s the wife’s role to ask her husband what he desires to do. The wife’s responsibility is to cheer her husband on. She should teacher her children how to be submissive and serve by being that example to her children – 1 Tim. 3. The wife should school her children by submission. The couple will learn. They will learn by their relationship to God – Eph. 4:25. If the husband doesn’t have a perfect wife, it’s his fault. He should teach her and help her to grow and be all that he needs in a help meet. She should be his help meet, not his slave. They will also learn by her relationship to her husband – 1 Tim. 2. Man has to be right with God to lead his home. How is your home? Is your home as God intended it to be?

Pastor Ronnie Young ended our meeting tonight by preaching out of Heb. 10:11-22 and Heb. 4:14-16 on “The Doctrine Of Prayer.” Prayer is talking to God, and doing it continually. The more we talk to Him the more we will want to talk to Him through prayer. Satan battles us against our prayer life because Satan doesn’t want us praying. Satan doesn’t want us praying because that’s how we will be able to defeat Satan and his tactics and warfare against us. First thing we see in the setting for prayer. It is by the blood of the Lamb – Heb. 10:19. No approach is available to God except through the blood of Jesus. There is an appearance we can make to God. There is no acknowledgement except by the blood of Jesus. Setting of prayer is also through the brotherhood – Heb. 10:19. We have a Father and we are a part of the family of God. Jesus invites us to come and pray unto Him. There is not a problem that He can’t handle. There is boldness that we have when we come before the Father. He is great because He has a throne; He is gracious; He gives us mercy, and He is good. There is a twofold result in coming to Him: it is to obtain mercy, and to find grace to help in time of need. Then there is a beckoning in the setting of prayer. We are slow about getting on our knees and praying to God. We are spotty about getting on our knees and praying as well. If we don’t pray it’s not God’s fault, it is our own fault because God wants us to pray and He beckons us to pray. Secondly we see the strength of prayer – Matt. 6:1-6. Prayer changes us. God acknowledge that prayer will change us. God wants us to talk to Him so that we can change and be more like Him. If we pray, God will reward us. Prayer also changes things – Matt. 18:18-20. Prayer empowers the church. When God leads and the church follows there is great strength in the church. There is the importance of the individual in prayer and there is importance in unity. When there is unity, God can answer in anything. Before we pray, we should have unity and agreement about what we are going to pray for. Also expectation is increased. No one is ever fervent in prayer in there is no expectancy for God to work and do something. Fervency only breeds more fervency. We should long for the opportunity to pray again. In Jer. 33:3 we have the ear of God, we have the heart of God and we have the mouth of God given in assurance. Also our enemies are diminished – 2 Thess. 3:1. If we will pray Satan will be defeated and the message will spread. Lastly there is the sample of prayer – Matt. 6:9-13. Every element of the prayer life is found in this passage of Scripture. This is the outline we should pray. If God wants us to pray we should pray as He wants us to pray. There is the priority of prayer 6:9-10. The priority of prayer is His name, His kingdom (the victory in our life), and His will. God is more interested in our relationship with Him than using great swelling words. We get more accomplished in prayer if we start with worship. Pray is about Him and what He wants. My responsibility is for my heart to yield to His heart, and my will to yield to His will. Secondly there is the provision – 6:11-13a. We can’t handle our own load. We can’t do anything by ourselves, and He likes it when we tell Him that. The greatest problem we have is, and the greatest need we have is forgiveness, and the great action we can do is confession. If we are not right with the people around us, our prayers will be hindered. Nothing will get done if we battle ourselves all day. God wants us to fight for Him. Nothing will be accomplished in our daily lives if we don’t pray. Lastly we should end our prayer in praise – 6:13b. Even if everything is going wrong, we should still praise Him and thank Him for all that He has done. Why? It’s because He is worthy of our praise and thanks. What will your prayers smell like in heaven will the bottles of your prayers are opened? How is your prayer life?

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