Sunday, February 21, 2016

We had a really good day in the house of the Lord today. We had 4 to ride the bus this morning. Our numbers are down, but we are still thankful for all those that ride the bus to church.

This morning for Sunday school we look at Barzillai and how he was a friend to King David. King David was running for his life in fleeing from his son Absolom. While fleeing from his son King David grew hungry and thirsty and weary. Barzillai and some men helped King David his men out by giving them the things that they needed to get their strength back. God kept a record of all that Barzillai did for King David. King David never forgot what Barzillai did for him that day and at the end of his life he told his son Solomon to take care of Barzillai and his family because of the kindness that he showed to him that day. As Christians we should help our friends out, but more importantly what kind of friend are we. Do we desert our friends when they need someone the most or do we stand beside them and help them make it through the rough times in their life. At one point or another we are going to need a friend to help us along in our journey. The Bible says that if we want to have friends we must show ourselves friendly. The Bible also says that we should do unto others and we would have them do unto us. If we want our friends to help us when we are going through a hard time, we need to help our friends out when they are going through a hard time. When we go through hard times we don’t need our friends to desert us, but we need them to help us. We need for them to tell us the truth even if it hurts. Why? Because it is for our own good and it will strengthen us and help us in the long run. What kind of a friend are you? Do you help your friends when they are down, or do you ignore them and wait for someone else to help them? We should be good friends and help when we can.

This morning Pastor preached on “The Dangers Of Just Going To Church” out of Matt. 7:21-23. We need to keep coming to church because it is the preaching of the Word o God that will keep cleaning us up. The people in this passage put their faith in the church instead of putting their faith in God. Why did we come to church this morning? Why do we care about the things of God? The first danger is that they knew His name, but they didn’t have a relationship. They knew all the right words to say but they didn’t have a personal relationship with God. They knew the lingo, but they didn’t know God. There is a difference between hearing and listening. They knew all about Him and they knew His name, but they didn’t know Him in their heart. Also there is the danger of knowing the rituals without the righteousness. They prophesied in His name. There is a difference between just doing good and being righteous. Anybody can do good, but only a saved person can live a righteous life. If your life hasn’t changed then you don’t know God. If you come to church just because it’s a ritual then you are coming for the wrong reason. There should be a reason you are coming to church. Also there is the danger of knowing the works without the Word. Everything they did was about them. It was all about the works that they did. The devil deceived them in their works. If you’re saved you’re going to want to work in the Lord’s work. If you can quit the work of God and it doesn’t bother you, something is wrong. The last danger is wasting your life being so close to the answer. In acts 26:28 king Agrippa said “almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.” The answers to life’s questions are found in the church through the preaching of the Word of God. If what you have this morning is what you did, you have nothing. You go to church and hear the answer preached but you’ve heart it so much it just becomes another word, another answer. If your life is all about you, there is something wrong and you’re going to wake up in hell one day if you don’t get right with God. Are you in the danger of just going to church to just go to church? Check up on your life. Find out why you go to church.

Tonight Pastor preached out of 1 Samuel 15:1-3, 7, 9, 17-18, 26-28 on “You’re Not The Best.” God told King Saul that day that a shepherd boy was better than he was. We are not the best, we can be replaced. Somebody is better than us whether we believe it or not. We have it in our mind that we are the best and that we can’t be replaced, but we are totally wrong. We are the best as long as we stay in our place and we stay obedient to God. When we become disobedient to God we are no longer the best and we are going to be replaced by somebody better. If we get out of place with God we will go from being the best to being the worst. We are going to fall out if we lost our focus – vs. 9. King Saul called good what God had just called bad. If we keep following God we will keep our focus right. We will see things as God sees them. King Saul started seeing and focusing out of man’s eyes instead of seeing and focusing out of God’s eyes. We are going to fall when we lose our friend – vs. 11, 35. Samuel was always around King Saul and praying for him. But when he got out of fellowship with God he no longer was around King Saul. If we don’t get right with God and stay right with God we will lose our friend. If we get away from God and go to the world we will lose our friend. King Saul was not the only one affected that day because Samuel was affected as well from losing a friend. We hurt more people than we realize when we get away from God. Thirdly we are going to fall when we lose our fear. King Saul lost his fear of God. He said he did everything God told him to do yet he knew he was lying to the man of God. He no longer feared God and the judgment of God. There was no commitment, no fixings, no nothing because there was no fear in his life. Fourthly he lost his fellowship. King Saul rejected God and because he rejected God, God rejected him. When we reject God, God will reject us. The next time King Saul needed god, God wasn’t there to help him. If we deny God, He’ll deny us. If we don’t do what God wants us to do the new are rejecting God in our life. Lastly he lost his function – vs. 28. They didn’t need King Saul any more. If we’re not going to do it like God wants us to then God doesn’t need us any longer. If we quit, the church will still go on. Yes it will hurt, but it will still go on for the glory of God. When we get to be the best, we’re going to be replaced because our attitude will ruin our life and testimony. Don’t think you’re the best.