Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a tremendous day we had today in the Lord’s house. The Lord allowed us to have 8 kids on the bus this morning with 2 of them being first time visitors this morning.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Caleb in the Bible and how the Lord said that he wholly followed the Lord. Five times in the Bible is it said that Caleb wholly followed the Lord. Caleb made a choice in his life to wholly follow the Lord. No one made him make that choice. It was a choice he made on his own because he wanted to follow the Lord. His decision affected his family because when the fighting was done in the land of Canaan him and his family was given a mountain all to themselves. As Christians and young people we make choices. We make the choice whether we will encourage someone or discourage them. We will make the choice of whether we are going to go God’s way or our way. We will make the choice of whether we will want to be like the world or not. We all will face those choices one day. The choice we make doesn’t just affect us, but those around us. The choices young people make, there is other young people watching them and watching the choices they make. Your siblings will watch the choices you make and will do them because they saw big sister or big brother do them. We need to make right choices in our life so that others will make the right choice as well. Be the one that will choose God even when others choose the world. There is no telling the people you will affect by taking a stand for God and for choosing the way of God.

This morning Pastor preached out of Isaiah 55:6-7, Hosea 5:6, and Gen. 6:3 on “How To Know When You Have Found Jesus.” If Jesus is in your life you’ll forsake your ways. If you’re saved you should forsake your old ways of sin. When you find the Lord your ways will be new. You’ll not go back to the ways you were before you got saved. If you’re not convicted about your sins something is wrong on the inside. A truly saved person always seeks to forsake the wickedness of their lives. Secondly, you’ll forsake your plans. All your plans will get thrown out the window. You’ll desire to do God’s plan for your life. God will change your plans because He is trying to conform you into His image. You love God and sty in church, God will change your plans. God has a plan for your life. When we get saved it’s no longer about your plans for your life but rather it is about God’s plan for your life. Thirdly, you’ll go in the opposite direction of where you were going. You can’t return unless you turn around. There will be a change in your life. Fourthly, you’ll never get over being pardoned. You’ll talk about the pardon that was given to you by the Lord. You’ll never forget how God pardoned you and where He brought you from. God has abundant pardon. God can pardon anyone if they will only come to Him in salvation.

Tonight Pastor preached on “The Battle of Believers” out of 2 Samuel 21:15-22. Every battle in this story was against a giant. When one battle ends another battle will begin in a Christian’s life. The battles we face will ALWAYS be bigger than we are. The Devil is watching us and knows what to use against us to bother us and tempt us and bring on a fight. The Devil is smart enough to figure us out. One battle we will face as a Christian is the battle of weights. Hebrews 12:1. The devil is not scared of us and we need to realize and understand that he’s not scared of us. One of our biggest battles is the weights that we have in our lives. If we do not deal with the weights that are in our lives when God tells us we need to deal with them, they will eventually turn into a sin. Everybody has a weight and they are not all the same. Each weight is different for each person. The Devil will not give up easily on us and it may be our weight that he might use to try and destroy us. Just because we are right with God doesn’t mean we won’t have to fight battles again. Another battle we will face is the unexpected battles. The giant named Saph is only mentioned once in the Bible. Sometimes are unexpected battles will come in the face of a physical battle. We may go through things physically sometimes that we don’t expect to have to face. We don’t know what the unexpected battle is going to be about and we don’t know when it’s going to come. Therefore, we must be prepared at all times. We may also face the unexpected battle of our finances. We may lose everything we have in one night like Job did. What would we do if we did lose everything we owned in one night? The battles that we face today are not new. If we’re not prepared for the unexpected battles, we’re not going to win the battle. These battles are going to come that is why we must be prepared. They can come from anywhere and from any person. Another battle we will face is the battle of bread or that of money. Money will always be a battle in our life at some point or another. We all have to battle with money in our lives. The Devil will tempt us with more money in a job saying we are better worker than others. Somewhere we’re going to battle with money. Will the Devil be able to lure us away and cause us to fall because of our love for money? If we are not careful he can surely do that to us. Another battle we might face is the battle of balance. The toes on our feet are for our balance. If we were to cut our toes off we would not be able to balance and we would not be able to walk. If we don’t balance our time wisely, we will be out of balance with our spouse. When we get out of balance, the longer we stay out of balance the worse it will get. We need to get balanced in our homes and spend the quality time needed with our spouse and our children. If we get out of balance in our home the home will become a wreck. Don’t get out of balance in reading your Bible and praying. Always spend time daily reading the Word of God and praying. The good thing about our battles is our battles are no match for God – 2 Samuel 22:17-19. We cannot win the battles we face because they are too strong for us. They are bigger than we are. We think we can whip the battle ourselves and we get ourselves in a mess and end in defeat. Our battles are going to take God to help us. When we realize it’s going to take God to help us win our battles, business is going to pick up. Whatever battles we face we need to realize our battle is too strong for us and we need God’s help. Are you letting God help fight your battles? If not, it’s time to change up and let God fight your battles so that you can become a victorious Christian like God wants you to be.

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