Sunday, March 06, 2016

We had a tremendous day in the Lord’s house today. The Lord blessed us richly this morning with allowing us to have 13 riders on the bus this morning. That was a big blessing. The Lord sure is good to us.

This morning for Sunday school we taught on Nehemiah and how he was told by God to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. While rebuilding the wall he was met us with opposition from others. They wanted him to stop building the walls of Jerusalem up. Nehemiah wouldn’t listen to their accusations. He armed half of his people with weapons and the other half built the wall with one hand and had a weapon in the other hand. They were ready at any given moment to go to war and fight their enemy. Nehemiah told them to be ready, but he also told them that God would fight for them. Nehemiah fought against an enemy that he could see that day. Today we fight a battle but we cannot see our enemy because our enemy is not mankind, but the devil himself is our enemy. As Christians we need to put on our armour so that we can fight against the devil. The only way we can fight is by putting our armour on and asking God for help in fighting our battles. God will not make us put our armour on, but He did command us to, and as Christians we need to see the importance of the battle and put our armour on. The devil is out to kill, to steal, and to destroy. He’s not going to kill, steal, and destroy those that are in the world, and those that don’t have their armour on or those that don’t care to do anything for God because he already has them. He’s out to kill, steal, and destroy the lives of those that are fighting and wanting to do something for God. We need to fight, but we have to realize who our battle is against. We will finish our lesson next week, and then we will start a series on the armour of God so what we can know how to use the armour and how to defeat the devil.

This morning Pastor preached out of 1 Cor. 1:18, Mark 15:15 and John 19:17-19 on “The Curse Of The Cross.” The cross in the New Testament was a curse and it was their ultimate form of punishment. The cross I like the electric chair today. Jesus hung naked before the world that day. The cross was a place of humiliation. Even if He did have a small robe about Him, He was still naked and was still humiliated in front of everybody that day. The cross was a slow agonizing death. He was nailed to the cross. The cross was mean to make someone suffer as much as possible. They wanted your last breath to be agonizing. The people that hung on the cross were people that were slaves, and foreigners, thieves and murderers. Innocent people were not hung on the cross. The only innocent person that hung on a cross was Jesus. He was not guilty of anything except for loving man. The curse was so that when people passed by they wondered what they did to deserve to be crucified. He was lifted high enough so that everyone could see Him that day. The cross represented sin. Everything bad, sinful, and every wrong ended at the cross. But, Jesus was perfect and He had never sinned. So why did He die on the cross? It was all a part of God’s plan so that He could redeem man from their sins. Jesus did judge sin when He was on earth, but He did it all right and perfect. He was perfect yet they nailed Him to the cross. Nobody was big enough or strong enough to crucify Him. He laid down His life willingly. To the world, the cross represents foolishness but to us that are saved it represents the power of God. All our sins were nailed to a cross that day. The cross was and is no laughing matter. It is not some decoration that we should hang up and say it’s pretty. We should stop and think about what happened that day on the cross and realize that it was a curse. The cross sets men free.

Tonight Pastor preached on “What’s Wrong With Doing Right” out of 2 Kings 23:1-3. Josiah surrounded himself with the people of God. He found comfort in the Word of God and that is where we will find our comfort as well. Josiah changed the direction of an entire nation all because he wanted to do right and serve God. God will take care of His people. The first thing he did was he said he was going to start walking differently. He started to walk after the Lord and the things of God. The more we walk towards God and the things of God the farther we will get away from some of the things in our life that is keeping us from serving God and living for God fully. We can’t be godly if we don’t walk away from some things in our life. He walked away from the things of the world, and we will too if we are walking towards God. As long as we’re moving we don’t have time to look at the things of this world. We need to just take one step at a time in serving and following after God. If we follow God we will not get into trouble. He also said that their watch would be different. The words “keep his commandments” meant to protect what we got. We need to hold on to the Word of God and not look for anything new. We don’t need to let anything or anybody change us and make us stop protecting what we have in God. We need to protect is because a prodigal may come back home one day. They’ll need a place to come to and they need to come back to a place that has always protect and stood the same through the years. As parents we need to protect our children from the world and the pull that the world has on them. Preserve the Word of God; make the Word of God precious in our sight so that others can see how precious it is to us. Lastly their works were going to be different. Their work was that they were going to perform the Word of God. They were going to be obedient to the Word of God and do what the Bible said. Perform what the Word of God says to do. We don’t need to back away or disobey the Word of God. If the Word gets on to us and corrects us, then we need to perform and make the correction in our life. We can be right and do right even if no one else in our family serves God. There is NOTHING wrong with doing right. We should desire to do that which is right and holy.

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