Sunday, March 13, 2016

Never does a service go by that is not a great service at Antioch. God always allows us to have a good time at church and we always hear great messages. Today we only had 5 kids on the bus, but we are still thankful for the 5 that came. The time change probably did not help matters any either. We are praying that next week we will have more riders.

This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson Nehemiah. Nehemiah was used greatly by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He and many others rebuilt the wall, but they were ready to fight if the need ever arose. This morning we are in a spiritual battle. We cannot see our enemy this morning because our enemy is the devil. We cannot use a real sword to fight our enemy because our enemy is not a person although the devil uses people sometimes to get to us. We have to remember our battle is not with them, but with the devil. He wants to destroy our lives and kill us and to ruin our families. He will do it with young people and getting them to go against their mom and dad. As Christians we are commanded to put on the whole, not part, of the armour of God. We never know when the devil is going to attack, and we never know where he is going to attack, so we must be prepared at all times. We must not lay our armour down until we go to sleep, and we must put it on as soon as we wake up in the morning. We have to fight in God’s strength and power because if we fight in our strength we will tire out soon and we will not win the battle. God knows how to defeat Satan, and we need to give Him our battles so that we can live a victorious Christian life as God wants us to. So, for the next few weeks our Sunday school class is going to Spiritual Boot Camp. We are going to learn about the armour of God and how to put it on and use it to defeat our enemy.

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 15:11-22 on “Have You Met The Real You?” Have you met the real you? Not the church you, or the good you, or what everyone thinks of you, but who you really are. The person you are when there is no one else around but you and yourself. Too often we lose focus of who He is and all He has done and we lose focus of who we really are. We need to be real, and if we are not real, we need to repent and get real with ourselves and with others. The prodigal son was selfish the day he left home. He got self centered. He went and did what he wanted to do not thinking of the consequences of his actions or how his father felt. When we run from God we will run out of everything. The prodigal son eventually ran out of everything he had, and when we get away from God we lose everything too. His fun eventually ran out because sin is only fun for a season. The world will run us down. The devil will stomp our face down so all we have is memories of what we used to be like if we go away from God. The devil will change all our plans for our future. The day the prodigal son came to himself, he realized his daddy wasn’t crazy. He realized it was him that was crazy and wrong and not his daddy. He wanted to change his citizenship. He no longer wanted to stay in the hog pen. Not a lot of prodigals make it back home. Most die in the world away from God either lost, or very far away from God. The devil doesn’t care who we are or what we’ve done. All he cares about is ruining our lives and our testimony and hurting God. He will attack anyone, anywhere and at any time. The best thing that happened to the prodigal son is when he became sick of where he was and sick of himself. It’s one thing to get sick about where we are, but it’s another to change. We can’t just get sick and not change. We can’t be the Christians we need to be because we haven’t gotten sick of who we really are. We need to get sick of the junk that is in our lives so that we can serve God and be what God would have us to be. The prodigal changed the direction he was going in. He took the same path to the hog pin that he took to get back home. We will never get right with God until we get right where we got wrong at. When he left the hogs it was a permanent change for him. He said goodbye forever. He had made a change of direction. Are you tired of being in the hog pin? Do you really see yourself as who you really are?

Tonight Pastor preached on “Be An Example” out of 1 Timothy 4:1-16. We are Christians need and should be an example. We need to be careful of the example we are setting for others. We should be an example in tough times. There will be some that will walk away from the faith, and it will be tough to watch them leave, and that will be a tough time in our lives. We are all going to face tough time. Going through tough times does not stop our responsibility when someone else drops the ball. Just because some leave the faith does not give us the right to leave the faith. We need to stick with it when times get tough. We might be the only example someone else sees that will keep them going. Don’t make your decision based on the storm because storms don’t last forever. Make your decision after the storm has passed. We need to be an example in teaching times as well. We need to teach others so that they can teach others. Teaching others what we have learned is what we are supposed to be doing. We teach best by example. We shouldn’t be afraid to teach what we know and we should be living a life that is teaching others how to live the Christians life. We should also be an example in testimony time. Tomorrow we are example of the church. How we live tomorrow and the rest of our life will reflect on the church. Live a life that is a testimony to others and for others. Don’t have the testimony of a compromiser. Show people what a believer ought to act like. A real Christian does god, is fair, is not a liar, and pays his bills. It matters what we say, what we look like, and what we do. We need to stand for the truth and for what is right. We should have a good name about ourselves. Where ever we are and whatever we are doing, we should be the very best that we can be. Lastly, be an example in treasure times. We will help our self by doing good and it will help others. The treasure is when we can help others. Stay with God and we will have treasures that this world knows nothing about. God’s treasures only get bigger and bigger over time. Are you an example? If so, what kind of example are you? Do you want others following your example? If not, you should change your ways and be the example that you should be for Christ and for others.

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