Sunday, March 20, 2016

What a wonderful day we had today in the Lord’s house. The Lord allowed us to have 8 kids on the bus this morning and there were no new ones today. But there is always next week and we will look forward to next week.

This morning we continued our lesson on Nehemiah and we are starting our lesson on the full armour of God. We are starting spiritual boot camp in Sunday school for the next few weeks. The armour for battle progressed over time and got better over time and more secure to defend the warrior in battle. Although it has changed the purpose still remained the same and that was to protect the warrior. The armour was designed to protect again swords, spears, javelins, arrows, and daggers. The Roman solder could march 20 miles a day wearing full armour and carrying their weapon and equipment. They had to make the 20 mile journey in 5 hours which is a mile is less than 15 minutes. They always followed orders and knew if they worked together they would be successful. Roman soldiers would practice hand-to-hand combat daily with wooden swords, spears, and shields. These were deliberately much heavier than the actual weapons and equipment used in real battle to train them to fight through tiredness. Like it or not everyone is in a battle. If you are lost you are in a battle against God, but if we are saved we are in a battle against God. The first piece of armour mentioned in Eph. 6:10-18 is the belt of truth. The belt went around the waist and held together the soldiers garments and armour which might otherwise hamper his movements while marching or engaging in combat. God doesn’t just want us to point out the truth, but He wants us to wear the truth and have it wrapped about us. The belt was mentioned first for possibly two reasons. The one is that when the Roman solder put his armour on, the first piece of armour he put on was the belt. Another reason is found in John 8:44 where here we learn that Satan was called and known as the father of lies. The reason the belt of truth was mentioned first is because Satan’s main attack on Christians is telling us lies. The first time Satan appeared in the Bible he lied. We need to learn the truth so that we can defeat Satan with his lies. The Bible tells us 6 times to not be deceived which means it is easy for us to be deceived so therefore we need to learn the truth so that we can defeat Satan with his lies. Do you have the belt of truth on? If not, you need to get it on.

This morning missionary Bro. John Smith preached for us on “Others” out of John 10:16. He took the word others and used it as an acronym. O = others. All kinds of people are in this world. God is looking for those that are born again to inherit the kingdom of God. God wants us to witness to others and see them saved. God is interested in every person. T = there. People are everywhere. We just have to take the time to look. There are millions in this world that are not saved that are on their way to a devil’s hell and we need to tell them. H = hear. They have to hear the Gospel. There are many ways they can hear the Gospel. They can hear with literature, preaching, the radio station, and tracts. We never know whose listening to our conversations. E = everybody. Everybody must hear. That’s the will of God is that everyone should hear the Gospel. There is not a person on planet earth that God doesn’t love and that He doesn’t want to see saved. God wants everyone to be involved and everyone should be involved. R = repent. We have to repent to live with Jesus. Belief is not enough, there must be repentance. We need to do more than what we’re doing. Our life should be about others. How concerned are you about the lost in this world?

Tonight Pastor preached on “Holding Fast” out of Hebrews 10:22-23. We need to hold fast to our profession of faith. We need to hold fast to the fact that Jesus died for our sins. If we don’t hold fast we’ll doubt our salvation. Just because we doubt our salvation doesn’t means we’re not saved. In times of trouble our mind will wonder and doubt. Also need to hold fast that He arose for our sins. He didn’t stay dead, but three days later He arose victorious over death, hell, and the grave. He arose to make every believer sinless. When we get saved we are seated together in heavenly places with Him. Hold fast because of the persecution that will come to cause us to waver from the faith. The word waver means to tilt or toss. We need to keep our eyes on God because if we don’t, we are going to waver. If we get our eyes off the Savior we will begin to doubt our salvation. People will do foolish thing during times of persecution. One way we will waver is from the inside. We waver from discouragement, and doubt, and thinking too much. In a storm our biggest enemy is our self. Salvation is by faith. Every step that we as Christians make is taken by faith. On the outside compromise is a way to try to get us to waver. Compromise is backing down from what we believe. If we are not careful our friends and others will cause us to compromise. Hold fast so we can be example to those that doubt their salvation. Why? It could be someone is watching you, or someone is drawing strength off you, or maybe a grand youngin is watching you. The world is looking for stability. We need to hold fast our profession because they were tempted to go back to the old covenant. If we are not careful, the devil will come up with something to cause us to waver. The devil is not scared of us, and we can’t scare him. Just be the same, be an unwavering Christian and we will go far in this world. Someone not wavering van become a place of an anchor. People need help they can grab us and get help for their life. Don’t look back to that which a uses us to waver. Go for God and we won’t doubt. Stop and we will doubt our salvation. Also we see the provider of our faith. Resting on the face that He is faithful – Eph. 2:4-10. Salvation is not what we did, but it was Him that did the work. He saved us and will keep us. Our worries, wisdom, and enemies power is not holding us and keeping us saved. We are not resting on the world for our salvation. When He’s on the throne we realize He is faithful and keeps us and our salvation. Hold fast because the wind is going to come. Also He gave us His Word – Eph. 1:1-14. He made us acceptable. Our sin made us unacceptable. Salvation is all about Him and His Word. He purchased us and predestinated us. Since we are saved He was predestinated us to be an image that He has in mind. There is no telling what God wants and what His design is for our lives. Because our salvation is on His shoulders we can walk out in full assurance and confidence.