Sunday, March 27, 2016

he is risen


What a wonderful day we had today in the Lord’s house celebrating the resurrection of our risen Lord and Savior. The Lord allowed us to have 6 on the bus this morning, what a blessing that is.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at the resurrection story out of John 20:1-18. Jesus was crucified on a Thursday and He rose from the dead early Sunday morning. The grave could not hold Him and death could not keep Him. We serve a risen Savior. Jesus was crucified, beaten, had a crown of thorns placed on His head, and had His beard plucked out, and He rose from the dead all because He loved us. What love the Father has for us. His love is beyond comparison and we can’t fully understand His love for us. The Lord rose from the dead and left His grave clothes behind but He took the time to fold the napkin that was over His face. What was so significant about the folding of the napkin? Jesus folded the napkin to let those that came in know that He was coming back. And, He is coming back one day. He could come back at any second as we are not promised our next breath. When He rose from the dead the first person He saw was Mary Magdalene, a woman whom Jesus healed that had 7 demons in her. We might could wonder why Jesus appeared unto Mary Magdalene first. Maybe it was because to whom much is forgiven, they love much. Mary Magdalene loved the Lord with all her heart because of all that He had done for her. Mary got to see Jesus. Have you seen Jesus? Have you seen the Lord? Have you seen Him for who He really is? He is the only way to heaven; He was the sacrifice that was needed to wash away our sins. He is the Savior of the world.

This morning Pastor preached on “If No One Else Wants Him, I Do” out of John 20:1-18. Mary had seen her Lord betrayed by those that were close to Him, and she was broken hearted over their betrayal. She couldn’t understand how those He loved would betray Him in such a fashion. She also saw Him forsaken. He was also forsaken by those that He loved and those that loved Him. She watched as the disciples forsook Him. She was the last person to leave the cross but she was also the first one to the tomb on the third day. She loved her Lord and Savior. She watched everyone walk away from Jesus. She wanted Him if no one else did because she reminisced in her mind all that He had done for her life. Jesus had cast 7 demons out of her. She wanted Him because of what He had done for her. The Lord meant the world to her. His deliverance in her life was never forgotten by her. She couldn’t get over all that He had done. What does Jesus mean to you? She also wanted Him if no one else wanted Him because His voice would never be forgotten. Mary couldn’t see Him that day because of her tears, but when she heard Him say “Mary” she knew His voice and knew it was Jesus. Sometimes in life it may seem like we can’t see Jesus, but we can still hear Him. There will be times when we come to church and we are in a dry spell spiritually and we come to church and someone sings a song or the pastor preaches a sermon and it’s like we hear the voice of God in our life. Do you want the Lord? How much does the Lord mean to you?

Tonight Pastor preached out of 1 Corinthians 11:17-30 on “The Importance Of The Lord’s Supper.” The Lord’s Supper speaks of a method in which He performed it. He broke the break and gave thanks. He gave thanks for what He was about to go through. He showed us a servant’s heart. The Lord’s Supper is all about being a servant. It also speaks about the memory of the Lord’s death. We should take of the Lord’s Supper continually, but it should never become a ritual. Remembrance is all about Him and all that He did. We remember that we never have to go to the altar of sacrifice ever again to make an atonement for our sins because He was the sacrifice that took away every sin. It should also be done with care and it should be a serious time in our lives. Thirdly it speaks of a very peculiar meal. It consisted of unleavened bread. It was unleavened bread because leaven speaks of sin in the Bible and Jesus has no dealings with sin. God would never have anything to do with sin. It also consisted of wine that was no fermented. Proverbs 20:1 tells we should not be given to strong drink or win and if Jesus had used fermented wine the Lord’s Supper He would have been going again His Own Word. He would have been contradicting the Scriptures in the Bible that talk about fermented drinks. The wine He used was fresh wine, grape juice, which came right off the vine. It always speaks with meaning. The Lord’s Supper was not done just to fill up more space in the Bible and to give us more verses to read, but it was to show us a picture. It was a picture of His broken body. His body was broken so we could be healed and our bodies wouldn’t be broken. His blood was shed for our sins. Why? So our blood doesn’t have to be shed for our sins. There would never be another lamb to die. If we are not careful the Lord’s Supper becomes a ritual and the meaning is forgotten. Lastly it always speaks with a mandate. In order to us to take of the Lord’s Supper we must be saved. It is not of our worthiness, but our worthiness in Him. A person that is not right with God or with someone else should not partake of the Lord’s Supper. At the Lord’s Supper we should examine our selves and see if there is any sin in our lives. Taking of the Lord’s Supper is part of obedience to Christ. In our heart and mind we should be genuine when we partake of the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper is to purify us, and to cleans us and get us right with God and with others if need be. The Lord’s Supper is important and we should not take it lightly. We should never forget all that God has done for us.

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