Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We had a great time in church tonight.  Pastor preached a great message tonight.

Tonight Pastor preached out of Hebrews 3:1-4:8 on “Selling Out Too Cheap.”  Let us fear lest we should sell ourselves out to not be all that God wants us to be.  A person that is not entering into the rest is someone who never has God working in their lives and doing things for them.  Too many times we sell ourselves short in what God wants to do in and for our lives.  When we fail to move in to where God wants us to our enemy becomes bigger and stronger.  Their enemy was great for their kids to have to face 40 years later.  We need to cross over to the other side and let God control our life. Unfortunately today we have lost the fear of God in a lot of our homes, churches, and lives.  They couldn’t trust God because the enemy was too big for them to handle.  Because of their unbelief, their children had to fight a greater and stronger enemy.  If our kids are going to live for God we’re going to have to cross over and believe God.  The children of Israel crossed over 40 years late.  God intended for our children to see victories in our life.  They didn’t step over because of fear and we don’t step over because of fear.  There is not a giant we can whip. God is the one that fought and won against Goliath, and He’s the one that will fight and win for us.  We don’t have to worry, the enemy will spot us.  God wants us to step out and be satisfied with Him.  Selling out short of the goal is what we should not be doing.  We should not sell out short of the goal that God wants for our life.  Don’t sell yourself out short of where you need to be for God.  Cross over and live a victorious Christian life.  Fight the battles God has for you and let you children see you fight so they’ll want to fight the enemy.


The We Stand With God Rally in Atlanta, Ga is Friday, April 22, 2016 from 11:00 .m. – 1:00 p.m.  Make plans now to be there and join us to take a stand for God.



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