Sunday, April 10, 2016

We had a good day in the Lord’s house today and we heard some great message today.  We had 10 to ride the bus this morning and that was an extra blessing.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson on the armour of God and we looked at having your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.  Roman soldiers wore boots that had hobnails attached to the bottom of their shoes.  The only downfall of these shoes is they did not work great on smooth surfaces, but they work great in sand, gravel, grass, and they were great for climbing.  The boots gave the soldiers stability.  Shoes also protected them from sharp objects the enemy would place on the ground.  Many a battle was lost because of the shoes not being fitted or the soles were not thick and durable enough. Shoes were very important, and they are just as important in our spiritual warfare against the Devil.  There is one gospel in the Bible, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The gospel message is the message we need to be spreading.  We need to give out the message of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection.  As God’s children we are commanded to be a witness.  If we have our shoes on, we are ready to move and witness to this world.  Jesus is our firm foundation is He not? Well, if we have our shoes on, we are standing prepared to give the gospel message out about the foundation we are standing on as a Christian.  It is a foundation that our shoes can get a hold in and it will not cause us to fall in battle as long as we have our shoes on.  Our lips ought to be a witness for Christ but so also should our life.  Our testimony should be a witness for Christ.  Can others tell by the way you live that you’re a Christian? Sometimes we may not be able to witness verbally to someone, but we can witness to them by the way we live our lives.  The only Bible some people will ever read will be your life. What kind of Bible is your life? Put your shoes on daily and always be ready to be a witness for Christ whether it is verbally or by the life that you live.  If you’re not being a witness you’re not putting your shoes on and you’re not putting on the whole armour of God.


This morning Pastor preached out of Ephesians 2:1-7 on “I’m Alive In Him.”  We forget who we were and who we need to be.  If we are alive we need to act like a person that is alive.  We should desire to eat, spiritual food from the Word of God.  There ought to be a new walk in our lives.  Our manner of life has changed; we ought to have a different manner of life.  It was natural for us to smoke, drink, lie, lust after the world before salvation.  But after salvation the things that are natural to us should be different.  Our new man should be much different than our old man.  When was the last time we changed something in our life spiritually?  Are we doing everything right?  We’ve gotten too satisfied with how we are and we are not willing to change anything.  If we’re alive why are we living dead? Living dead is not doing anything.  We’re discouraged because we’re not changing.  We’re going to the altar but nothing is being altered in our lives.  The Holy Ghost encouraged only those things that He likes.  We have no joy because we’re not participating in what God loves.  If we’re not living for God it’s our own fault.  If we do not change it’s because we don’t want to change. If our hero is living for God, we can live for God too.  Just because our friends don’t want to change doesn’t mean we should change.  We are alive in Him despite our past.  If we’re alive we need to tell the Devil we’re alive and that we’re not going to live in the past any longer.  Our past was worldly; it was like everyone else’s past.  The Devil will bring up things in our past to attract us so that we will go back to the way that we used to be.  We are alive in Him despite the person we’re fighting.  We are fighting the Devil.  The Devils is our biggest enemy and he hates our guts.  Our enemy is not our family or our friends, but the Devil himself.  We can live the Christian life alone, but it’s better when we have other around us living the Christian life with us and encouraging us.  Lastly we are alive in Him despite the opposition.  Sometimes we fight people that are being controlled by the Devil.  The Devil comes as an angel of light and he’ll control others as if they are an angel of life.  They are really a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  If we don’t live for God, it’s our choice.  Our problem is we blame others for our problems but it is not changing our situation any.  If we don’t want to read and pray, then that’s why we don’t read and pray.  Are you alive?


Tonight Pastor preached on “The Struggles Of A Disobedient Life” out of Jonah 1:1-17.  God chose Jonah because He had confidence in him.  We’ll never serve God without running into things that we don’t like.  It’s not always what we like in God’s will.  If we don’t stand when things are easy, we won’t stand when things are hard.  The first struggle is it starts with a life that has no protection of God.  Our battles we face now, we face alone because we stop obeying God.  When we are disobedient to God, we are protected by the hand of God.  When we say “God I’m not going to do it” then we are no longer protected by God.  We are on our own.  Secondly we will always choose our own direction.  We go from Proverbs 3:5-6 to doing our own will.  Going our own way, we have to act happy and satisfied with our way.  Our way is the opposite of God’s way.  The longer we stay out of God’s will, the further away from God we will get.  The way of a man ends in death.  Everything we do turns to death and nothing works out.  There are also unnecessary storms.  Jonah went through a storm he didn’t have to go through.  Sometimes we blame God for our storms when we are the ones that caused the storms to come.  Jonah should not have ended up in a storm he should not have been in.  The sailors ended up in a storm that they should not have been in as well.  The storm happened because of Jonah being disobedient.  Get out of God’s will, we’re not just affecting ourselves, we are affecting others as well.  Fourthly, we hurt others.  They were rowing against God, but it’s not going to work, and it’s never going to get better.  We never win when we are fighting against God.  Jonah hurt people all in the name of God.  Lastly, the sailors saw the Lord and made a vow, bug Jonah never saw it.  He missed out because he disobeyed God.  Where are you at spiritually?