Sunday, April 24, 2016

We had a tremendous day in the house of the Lord.  Thankful for the sermons we heard today.  We had 13 kids on the bus this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson on the armour of God and we looked at the helmet of salvation.  A helmet may not look like it is very important and not very useful, but it’s just the opposite.  A helmet is very important.  People have simply died because they didn’t have a helmet on, and others have lived because they had a helmet on.  Do not underestimate the importance of the helmet.  The helmet was originally made from leather and overlaid with bronze or gold, but as time progressed it eventually was made out of a solid piece of metal like iron or brass.  This piece of armour was so strong, massive and heavy that nothing could pierce it.  It was highly decorated with all kinds of engravings and etchings.  As a Christian, our spiritual helmet cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it still should be seen.  People should be able to look at our lives and realize there has been a change in our lives and that we are different than everyone else.  If people can see that, then we are putting the helmet of salvation on.  As the Roman helmet was so intricate and beautiful looking so our Christian helmet is as well because salvation is the more gorgeous, elaborate, and ornate gift God ever gave to us.  The helmet of salvation is given to us the moment we get saved.  It is up to us to take the gift of salvation though.  The Apostle Paul tells us to take the helmet, and God tells us to take the gift of salvation.  At salvation a person doesn’t realize all that he is getting when he gets saved, and he doesn’t know who all he is in Christ, and what all he has in Christ either.  Our mind is what we think with.  If we keep our mind thinking about salvation, and all that salvation entails, and also think about those things that God wants us to think about we will not let the Devil into our mind.  The Devil would love nothing more than to get into our mind because once we give him an inch; he will soon take control of our mind and our thinking.  We will then be thinking like the Devil and not God.  The Devil will come in and put thoughts of doubt, and discouragement and deceit into our mind.  God wants us to be happy and live victorious, but the devil wants us to be discouraged and lived defeated.  If we let the devil into our mind, we will soon lose the armour of God piece by piece.  The key to keeping the helmet secure is to remember.  Remember salvation comes from God, God is on our side, we are to have the mind of Christ, who we are in Christ, and what we have in Christ.  Remember.


This morning Pastor preached on “But Our God” out of Psalm 115:1-11.  When things go wrong according to the world’s view, they are going to say “Where is now their God?”  Our God is higher than the rest of all the other gods.  Our God is not an earthly God.  He’s in heaven, and He’s not worried about anything.  Heaven’s distance never hampers the listening ear of God.  We may not see or feel Him like we want to, but our God is still in heaven, and He’s still on the throne.  Our God is not handmade.  This world’s gods are no better than the hands that made them.  A handmade god can be made to fit the way you want him to and be what you want him to be.  Their god gives no answer, no concerned listening ear, and no discernment, can’t see our travail, no hands that can lift us out of the storm, doesn’t have a still small voice, and can’t come when they are in distress.  But, our God gives us answers, has a concerned and listening ear, has discernment, sees the travail we go through, had hands that can lift us up out of the storm, has a still small voice to talk to us, and can come to us when we are in distress.  God whispers to us because He’s real close to us.  We can get on our knees and pray to God and know that whatever He does will be right and it will please Him.  We may not see and know how He’s helping us, but He is helping us.  He never forgets where we are at.  Our God is our only help.  He’s talking to Israel – a nation.  He’s talking to Aaron – the sanctuary. He’s talking to those that fear the Lord – the common believer.  Each of those above that He is talking to, He is their shield and their help.  Our God can help us live for God in spite of being surrounded by Egypt, this world.  If this world goes to pot, if the church goes to pot, if we will stand with God, He’ll be our help and shield.  For every saved person He is our God.  What kind of God do you have?

Tonight Bro. Darrell Weaver preached for us out of Matthew 4:1-11 on “Tempting The Lord.”  We are not going to be exempt from being tempted by the devil.  After some of the greatest meetings we are in is when the devil will tempt us the most.  Jesus answered the devil with the Word of God; He quoted from the book of Deuteronomy.  The devil will argue the Word of God with you.  He will quote the Scripture, but he will never quote it right.  We as Christians are warned about tempting God.  We can tempt God by taking unnecessary chances in our life.  We try to prove we’re saved by doing something great and dangerous.  We try to prove our spirituality.  We can be proud for doing something good, and we should not have that attitude.  Some try to prove their spirituality by speaking in tongues, which is against the Word of God.  We need to live our life every day for the glory of God.  We tempt the Lord by being overly indebted.  Being over indebted is not the Bible way.  We get in such bondage we have to take extra jobs to get out of debt.  We get in so much debt and then we ask God to get us out of our debt.  God just may allow us to work our way out of the debt to teach us a lesson.  We cut back on our tithes and missions because we are too indebted to give to God like we should.   We tempt the Lord by forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.  We become an adversary of the church when we skip out of church.  Is it a willful sin to lay out of church?    We also tempt God by offering strange fire.  They wanted a shortcut.  It does matter what kind of fire we use.  Strange fire = strange spirits, and a strange Bible.  We do not need to copy the world’s methods of worship.  We need to do it God’s way.  The new contemporary music is attacking Old Fashion churches today trying to get them to compromise and get away from the Old Paths.  Music does matter in a church.  Lastly we tempt the Lord by worldly living.  Worldliness is not just how we dress.  We can be worldly and dress right and go to church.  We can be worldly in our thinking, our priorities, our lifestyle, our music, our entertainment, our conversation, and our time.  Our pleasure is found in the things of the world.  What’s wearing us down spiritually to where we are becoming more and more like the world?  We need to guard our character.   We are married to Christ in salvation, but who are we seeing on the side?  Are you tempting God with your life and how you’re living?

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