Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We had a good service tonight in the house of the Lord.


Pastor preached tonight on “Let Us Wake Up” out of Romans 13:10-14.  If we are a Christian, we should not deliberately try to hurt someone.  The word “time” in verse 11 means a definite season and a critical season.  During the night time, things are hidden the best, we can hide what sin we are doing, we can’t tell where you’re walking, we don’t miss pitfalls because we can’t see where we’re walking, and it is the time when trouble is most stirred up.  Why should we wake up? To get out of the sleep we are in, because most Christians are in the sleep mode (and when we are in the sleep mode we are inactive), we’ve gone to sleep so bad that a message can’t wake us up, because we are unaware of the surroundings when we are asleep, we are dull of hearing, and our senses are dull.  There is a war going on between darkness and light.  We’ve been around darkness so much it has infected us.  We are at the point today where sin is not that bad any more.  Darkness has always hated light.  We are to put on the armour of light, what is the armour of light? It is found in Ephesians 6:10-17.  When we put off darkness, we need to replace it with things we should be putting on. If we are not careful darkness will infiltrate us.  If we’re saved, we are going to desire more light and desire to do more for God.  A sleeping person does not deal with their problems.  Some parents are dealing with the darkness from their past and they have a hard time just staying awake.  Our spirituality is so low that we do not know that we are blind and naked.  We need to WAKE UP!!!!  Little things become big things, what we are dealing with.  Deal with the little things like when we don’t pray or read our Bible.  Deal with them and don’t let them go.  Take care of the small things, they will eventually kill you.  Are you awake?

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