Sunday, May 01, 2016

What a tremendous day we had today in the Lord’s house.  The Lord sure is good to us isn’t He? The Lord allowed us to have 5 on the bus this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson on the armour of God and we looked at the sword of the Spirit.  The sword was very important.  It was light and short so soldiers could use it for stabbing quickly and for slashing.  The Romans used the knowledge of their enemy’s swords to create their own sword, which made their sword better than their enemies.  The Roman soldiers trained daily so that they would be better equipped for battle.  The more they practiced the better they became.  As a Christian our sword is important because our sword is the Word of God which is the Bible.  As the Romans used their enemy’s swords to create their swords we as Christians should do the same.  When the devil fights us and attacks us in a way we’ve never been attacked before we can use that the next time he attacks us and we will be ready.  But also when he attacks we can learn from it and then we can help others fight their battle.  As the Roman soldiers trained daily with their swords we should train daily with our sword as well.  A trainer teaches someone how to use something.   Our trainers are our parents, our pastor, our Sunday school teacher, and the godly people in our life that we ask advice from.  We learn through listening to those in our life that are in authority over us and we also learn from reading our Bible daily.  The more we train the better of a fighter and warrior we will become.  The Word of God is our lamp and our light.  It will guide us and it will show us where to go and how to fight.  It is also truth.  We can have 100% confidence in the Word of God that it is true, perfect, without error, and it will help us win our battle.  We will finish our lesson on the sword of the Spirit next week.


This morning Pastor preached out of Romans 6:11-23 on “Don’t Let Sin Reign.”  We all still struggle and we all struggle pretty much with the same things.  There is a struggle in serving God.  We need to quit letting sin be the boss of our lives.  The things that we struggle with should not be the boss of our lives.  Don’t yield yourself as instruments of unrighteousness.  We are fighting because we don’t want it to take over our lives.  When we quit dealing with unrighteousness it will deal with us and we’ll be an instrument.  It will become public and everyone will know about it.  We have got to deal with the little things, or it will deal with us as a bigger thing.  We should get our lives to go out of business with dealing with unrighteousness.  Let the devil know we’re going out of business in unrighteousness.  Don’t let sin have dominion over you.  Sin wants to have domino over our lives.  If we stay busy in the work of God, something else will dominate our life.  Whatever we feed the most will win.  If we fee sin, it will win, but if we feed the Spirit, the Spirit will win.  We need to go out of business and get sin out of our lives.  Feed the Spirit so the flesh won’t win.  We need to go out of business.  If we didn’t do what God wanted us to do, then something else is having dominion over our lives.  We are no under the law, but under grace.  We don’t have to go to church, or the nursing home, or work in the print shop, or preach, or teach Sunday school.  Going to church doesn’t make us a Christian.  We are under grace and therefore w will do what we do because we want to do it.  Our desires will change.  We’ll do it even when we are tired, or don’t want to deal with another person.  We should always do our best for God.  If we don’t live for God like we should it’s because we are not in love with Him as we should be.  Don’t let sin reign in being unthankful.  If anything good comes out of us it’s because of Him.  We aren’t thankful for all that God does and has done for us.  We need to be more thankful.  We need to go out of business in being unthankful and become more thankful to God for everything that He has done.  Don’t let sin reign in being disobedient.  Be obedient to God’s Word.  A real Christian will tell you they have places in their life they need to grow in.  If a sermon never deals with our heart it’s because we either aren’t saved or we’re disobedient.  God still talks to those that listen.  He sees something in us and speaks to us and tells us where we are wrong. What or who is reigning in your life?


Tonight Pastor preached on “Love” out of I John 4:7-5:3.  If we remember where we were and what God has done for us it will create a greater love for God.  Jesus loved us even when we didn’t care that He loved us.  We first see the picture of love in verses 9-10.  The picture of love is the death of Jesus Christ.  We won’t love our brother if we don’t get this point.  Jesus loved people who hated him.  Love cares for people that do not care for them.   Love makes us do what we do.  We also see perfected love in verse 12.  The key to everything in this message is this point and verse.  Perfected love is a walk demonstrating love.  Perfected love is us being reminded of Calvary.  We will change our actions when we go back to Calvary.  God puts things in our life to perfect us.  Love is perfected by pulling things out of our lives that keep us from loving.  We will either get perfected or we will get bitter.  Thirdly we see powerful love in verse 13.  It can be done; we can love.  If we can’t, then either we are lost or we are quenching the Spirit of God.  The word “can’t” needs to be thrown out of our lives.  When we don’t do right and the detector goes off, it’s the Holy Spirit convicting us of our wrong.  We can love others no matter what they have done to us.  If we have the same rotten attitude about what someone did to us last year something is wrong with us.  We also see penetrating love in verses 17-18.  Penetrating love is our complete trust in Him.  It’s a peace that only comes from God.  If we perfect ourselves, we can walk in the love of God to cast out our fear.  A true Christian has a fear of God and the judgment of God.  God has called us to do something.  Are we doing what God has called us to do?  The penetrating love of God is trying to perfect us.  Penetrating love steps through fear believing God.  Fifthly we also see pure love in verses 7, 11, and 20.  Love is pure.  There will be people we don’t like, but if we perfect our love, we won’t hate them.  If the love of God dwells in us, we can love that person.  We can love everyone and anyone.  People will do us wrong, but as a Christian we should still love them.  Lastly we see persuading love.  Persuading loves creates a care that’s not a burden.  It creates obedience.  Whatever God has as a commandment we will love.  Living the Christian life is not grievous.  A person that loves is not grieved by His commandments.  How is your love?

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