Wednesday, May 04, 2016

We had a tremendous time in the Lord’s house tonight.  We had quite a few visitors this evening as well and that was really good.


Pastor preached on “Be Not Deceived” out of Galatians 6:7-9.  The word “deceived” means to cause to stray, to lead astray.  We should not be deceived that we can’t turn our nose away from God without any consequences.  We know what is right, we know that God says its right, but we do the opposite and do whatever we want to do.  We won’t get away with doing what we want to do.  We may laugh at God tonight and we may mock at Him tonight, but a pay day is coming.  We’re not going to get away with doing wrong.  We also don’t need to be deceived that we won’t reap what we sow.  A sinful life leads to sinful seeds.  We can so all the bad crops we want, but we’re going to reap a whole lot of it in the end.  We can so those seeds, but we should also be ready to harvest the crop when the time comes.  If we sow unrighteousness, we will reap unrighteousness.  We think we will get away with it and not harvest a crop but we won’t. If we sow right we will reap right.  Even though others laugh at us and mock us, we should still do right.  God will honor it.  Also we don’t need to be deceived that we can even fail trying to do right.  We can get in trouble doing right things.  If we get our eyes on others we’ll become weary in well doing.  Preaching and teaching and no one seems to do anything or change, we will lean on our own understanding and get weary.  We won’t get weary if we read our Bible and pray.  We have to get alone with God.  We have to run and get on our face before God and ask Him to help us to not get weary in well doing and to help us get our eyes off man.  Anybody can be and get weary in well doing.  If ‘we’re not careful we’ll get weary in well doing.  If we read our Bible, pray, listen to our pastor, listen to our parents we will not get weary.  Lastly we don’t need to be deceived that in due season we will reap if we faint not.  God has a bigger plan for our life than we realize.  Everything will not go our way, but God is still good and will help us.  We’re going to plant, we’re going to reap, and we’re going to water, so why not plant what is right and good?  We will reap everything we planted.  What are you planting?