Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016





What a tremendous day we had the in house of the Lord today.  We had 13 kids on the bus this morning and 2 of those were new riders.  What a blessing.


This morning for Sunday school we finished our lesson on the sword of the Spirit.  The Word of God is our sword and it is sharper than any two edged sword.  A two edged sword is very sharp, but the Word of God is even sharper than a two edged sword.  It’s sharp enough to get down to the marrow of the bone.  Getting a bone marrow transplant will change your red blood cells.  The Word of God is the only thing that can change us on the inside.  We can try to change ourselves, but it won’t last.  When the Word of God changes us it will be for eternity.  There are things we will have to get out of our lives if we want to be the solider that God intended for us to be.  We have to use the Word of God on our lives to get rid of sin in our life, and we have to use the Word of God to fight the Devil.  We fight the Devil at close range and that is why God told us to use a sword against him.  If we are going to win against the Devil we must quote Scripture to him.  If the devil tempted Jesus, how much more do you think he will tempt us?  Jesus defeated Satan using the Word of God, and therefore we should use the Word of God to defeat Satan.  God is on our side and as long as He’s on our side we are going to win. The victory is ours if we fight and let God help us fight our battles.  God has never lost a battle, and He NEVER will.  We are to take up the sword, just as we are to take up the shield.  God’s not going to make us use the Word of God to defeat Satan, but He has told us that is our way to defeat Him.  Take up the sword and fight.  Fight for what you know is right.  We must read the Word of God daily, meditate upon it, memorize it, and pray.


This morning Pastor preached out of Exodus 2:1-11 on “What A Mother.”  Moses’ mother saw the potential in her son.  She saw that he was a goodly child, a proper child.  She saw that he was too good to be killed.  She saw a potential that was beyond killing.  She risked her own life to keep her baby alive.  She knew she could raise another son to be godly.  Mother’s should see their child with potential, that they could be used by God one day.  Do you ever sit and wonder what God could and can do with your child/children?  Mother’s you should do your best to teach your children to prepare them for the potential God has for them.  Secondly she saw that he was precious.  She hid him for three months.  She sheltered him in her house.  She knew if she put him out to the world they would kill him, but if she kept him in the house she could keep him alive.  Today we protect things that amount to nothing, our worldly pleasures, and we don’t protect that which means the world to us, our children.  She knew God had something special planned for her son.  Do you realize Mothers that God has something great planned for your child/children, something greater than you can even imagine?  Thirdly she positioned him.  She built something she knew would last.  She built something she knew would protect him in the river.  She did the best she could, and did all that she could do.  She had to let God do the rest.  She placed him where God could take over and use him.  Mothers, raise your children and position them so that they can be used by God.  She put so much in him, he never identified with the Egyptians.  She didn’t have long to train him, but the time she did have she taught him all about God and His people.  Whatever she taught him he could get away from and he never could identify with the world.  Don’t make excuses for why you can’t live for God; if Moses did it, so can you.  Lastly, she polished him.  She taught him who his brethren were.  The brethren will be there when the world is not.  Moses is mentioned 784 times in the Bible not including him, he, or his.  He changed history with just the years he was trained by his mother.  She polished him up for God what Wanted to use him for.  Mothers are you preparing your child/children to be used by God?  Look at your child/children with potential.  Greater potential than you could ever imagine.


Tonight Pastor preached on “It’s Time For Godly Men To Stand Up” out of Exodus 2:11-17.  Moses had matured.  He had taken responsibility for himself.  Moses stood up by himself.  He grew into a man of responsibility.  One day we’re going to have to learn to stand up by our self.  Today people aren’t going to live right unless they have a group of cheerleaders cheering them on.  Stand up for their brethren, be willing to fight.  Moses killed a man because he abused one of his brethren.  If someone stands right, we ought to let them know we’re standing with them and we are going to help them fight.  Too many times we criticize someone for standing right instead of standing with him.  If we love God we will stand alone, and when we can no longer stand alone, we will find someone to stand with us.  If we don’t love the brethren, we’re living like an Egyptian because Egyptians hate the brethren.  If we love the brethren and they do us wrong, we will get over it because we’re saved and we love the brethren.  Stand up that are uncomfortable in the world.  It is time for us to get sick of the world.  The world will take our life away if we let it control us.  Something is wrong when someone in the world is your best friend.  We don’t need to hug up to someone in the world.  The church is getting destroyed from the inside because men aren’t taking a stand.  Thirdly it’s time for godly men to stand up that’s willing to do his job.  Moses had a job to do and he did it.  No one else saw him do it; he just did what he was told to do.  If we’re saved what are we faithful in? What are we doing for God? If we left the church tomorrow, what will the church have to do to replace you? Will they have to fill your position, or will they not have to fill anything.  He did his job and he did it right.  God used him because he wasn’t a sorry worker.  Nothing will strive if there is no faithfulness.  Lastly, stand up that are looking for something different.  He was interested in something that was different.  Be a godly man and you’ll see things you’ve never dreamed.  God was looking for him to make a move, and He’s looking for godly men to make a move today.  We can’t be godly if we are looking at ungodly things.  Men of God will you stand up?

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