Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We had a really great service tonight.  At least half of our members were out tonight because of sickness.  We have a nice bug going around. Pray that we will all get better soon and everyone will be back in their normal places on Sunday.


The summary for tonight will be a little different than normal.  Tonight Pastor preached out of Matthew 11:28-30 on “Working For Jesus.”  Samson’s capability was because of God.  God wants to take ordinary people and do things that are not ordinary so that people will say “how did they do that?”

“Come unto me,” is an invitation to come.  It is an invitation to the sinner to come for salvation and it’s an invitation for a saved person to have a closer walk and relationship with the Lord.  As a saved person we should desire to go all the way with God.  We should want a closer relationship with God.  Today too many Christians get to a plato and they think they have arrived and they don’t need to go any farther with God.  But, that is not the case, as a Christian we will never arrive.  We have to leave where we are at to come unto Him.

“all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,”  If we are not where we need to be with God we will fail.  Our fight is with our selves.  The word “rest” means to refresh, calm, patience.  A sinner finds rest at salvation from the weight of his sin.  A saint finds rest when he lays aside the sin that besets him in the race that he is running for God.  We’re struggling because we’re not resting in God.

“Take my yoke upon you,”  The word “yoke” speaks of subjection.  Is a yoke for rest? A yoke is for work. If we pull a burden it’s easier to use a yoke.  Our problem goes from one person to two people with God helping us.  If God helps us pull the wagon, who will do the most pulling? God does.  Our strength comes from God.  In His yoke, the burden is easier and we can whip whatever we are pulling or going through.  We can’t do the ministry that God has called us to on our own, but God has us and will help us do the ministry He has called us to.

“learn of me;”  This will take time.  Learning takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight; but over a period of a life time.  No matter how long we’re saved, we will always be learning of Him.

“for I am meek and lowly in heart:”  The word “meek” means gentle and mild.  The word “lowly” means not rising high above the ground.  God gets down to where we are at.  God is big, but when we get a relationship with Him, God comes down to where we are at.  God comes down to our level in prayer.  We can feel God right beside of us.

“and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” When God is in the yoke with us, we will be at rest.  In the midst of difficulties we know God is there with us helping us.

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” God is not our crutch, but he is our carrier.  If we are carrying something heavy tonight it’s because we are carrying too much.  We can’t do the impossible on our own, but we can if we are in the yoke with God.  Are you resting tonight in God?

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