Sunday, May 15, 2016

What a great day we had today in the Lord’s house.  The Lord let us have 9 kids on the bus this morning with 2 of them being new riders.


This morning for Sunday school we continued on lesson with the armour of God and we looked at prayer and how it’s an important part of the armour of God.  No, prayer is not a piece of the armour yet it is a piece of the armour.  If we are going to put our armour on we are going to have to do it through prayer.  We must pray to put it on each and every day of our life and we must put each piece of the armour on.  We should never leave a piece of the armour out because we do not know when and where the enemy is going to attack us.  As we pray each morning we should ask God to help us put our armour on so that we can be ready for an attack that Satan throws our way that day.  We ought to pray that God would help us to put on the belt of truth.  Ask Him to help us learn the truths of the Word of God, and who He is, and that we wouldn’t be deceived by the lies of the Devil.  Pray to put on the breastplate of righteousness.  Ask God to help us live a righteous (pure and holy) life each and every day and to help us obey the Word of God each day.  We should also pray to have our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.  Ask God to help us to always be read to witness to anyone and that He would give us an opportunity to talk to someone.  Also, ask God to help us live a life that is a testimony and a witness for Him.  Pray also that we will take up the shield of faith. Pray that God will increase our faith daily in Him and His Word, and that we would realize that He is in control of everything and that He knows what He’s doing and that He will work things out for the good.  Also we need to pray that we put on the helmet of salvation.  Ask God to help us remember where He brought us from, and what He saved us from.  Pray that God will help us to guard your mind so that we will think on those things that He would have us to think on.  Ask God to help us not to let the Devil get an inch of our mind.  Lastly, pray that we will take up and use the sword of the Spirit.  Ask God to teach us how to use the Word of God against Satan.  Ask God to give us verses to fight Satan with, and ask God to give us the strength and courage we need to fight against Satan.  Pray is such a vitally important part of the armour.  We cannot expect our armour to be on, and we shouldn’t expect to defeat Satan if we are not spending time in prayer asking God to help us put the armour on and to help us fight. We cannot go into battle without our armour on and we cannot go into battle unless we have prayed.  Do you have your armour on?


This morning pastor preached out of 2 Chronicles 7:14 on “If My People.”  This verse is a person letter to God’s people.  God centered out a people on purpose because there is a plan for His people.  We have to get off our pedestal.  We need to quit trying to hide the pedestal we are on.  We need to get off the pedestal we are on where everybody thinks we don’t have any problems.  We all have our problems.  It’s not easy to get off the pedestal because we don’t want people to see who we really are.  We need to move the pedestal out of the way, get humble and get real.  Quit acting like we’re OK and we never struggle and that we never have problems.  We are not being real when we put ourselves on a pedestal.  We can’t be a good Sunday school teacher or preacher if we judge our self and say we are OK and that nothing is wrong.  We must also, as God’s people, ask for help.  We don’t need to change our surroundings, we need to be changed.  If we change, our surroundings will change.  Get off the pedestal and ask Him for help, He’ll help you.  We need to pray for our self because we are the ones the need the most prayer.  When was the last time we realized we were not the right husband, or wife, or child, or mother, or father?  Everything that is good in us is because of God.  It’s time for us to get on our face and ask God to help us.  The longer we wait for help the more we take in that’s wrong.  People don’t cry out for help when they are in deep water, it’s when they start to drown that they cry out for help.  We don’t have to wait until we are fixing to drown to cry out for help.  We need to cry out when we start sinking just like Peter did.  When we feel ourselves going down we need to immediately cry out for help.  Thirdly, we need to have a right relationship with God.  We need to quit trying to hide from God.  Adam and Eve hid so yes, we can hide from God too.  We can hide, but God knows exactly where we are at.  God just wants us to come out and talk to Him.  When we’re hiding, the voice of God will sound like an indictment to us.  When we get face to face with God, He will show us where we’re wrong.  Get in the Bible, the mirror of God’s Word.  We won’t know what we look like until we look in the mirror of the Word of God.  Figure out what’s wrong so we can fix it.  If Paul had to die daily how much more should we die daily?  Lastly, we need to repent and turn away.  A change won’t last, there must be repentance.  If we want an answer from heaven, there has to be a clear line to heaven.  We have to turn from our wicked ways.  We have to deal with our self.  If we’re not hearing from heaven, it’s our fault.  God is waiting on a clear line to hear from us.  The delay is not on God’s end of the line, but it’s on our end of the line.


Tonight Pastor preached on “Arise And Build” out of Nehemiah 2:20 and 1:1-5.  These walls are fixing to be rebuilt because of one person.  It’s always been one person that has stepped up to the plate and got the job done.  It takes time.  We want things fixed immediately, but things don’t get fixed or built immediately.  It all takes times.  We have to recognize the condition that we are in.  Our life will get in a mess, but it will take time to fix it.  We can’t just give up in one night, we have to keep working at it.  Realize it’s dirty and then we can clean up.  The Devil is going to tare things up and burn things up in our life and we didn’t even realize it.  But when we realize it, we need to fix it.  The little things will build up to be a huge mess.  Our marriages, our life, our homes, our churches, our Sunday school class can’t be fixed immediately.  It takes time and a vision for what it needs to look like.  When we build we will always face opposition.  We’ll face opposition from our self and also from the Devil and from our enemy.  Sometimes we look at the mess we have and we don’t know what to do or how to fix it.  We don’t want to do it sometimes.  But, we must do it.  When we start building opposition will come.  The world will laugh us to scorn for trying to do right.  They will laugh at us, so we just need to go ahead and be ready.  It’s not a good place to be at, but if we have a purpose it’s not going to bother us.  The world will mock at us.  Opposition will eventually start to get personal.  If we’re going to build something we can’t build with junk.  Thirdly it has to become personal.  If the job God has given us is not personal, it will not get done.  If we’re worried about what everyone else is doing, we will do nothing.  If we leave the church, will people miss us?  Will we leave a hole in the church if we were to leave?  The answer to those questions should be yes.  We need to do what we do really good.  Make it personal, do it with all your might.  Take what we’re doing personal.  To be the best we’re going to have to take it personal.  It will sometimes be uncomfortable.  They slept with their clothes on so they could be prepared for when the enemy attacks.  The Devil is going to do everything he can to lull us to sleep so we don’t have revival.  We get used to covering up our sin and wanting God to fill us up when we have sin in our life.  Lastly, it’s going to cost you.  It’s going to cost you to fix things up.  It will take us longer to clean up a mess than it is to make the mess.  Are we will to pay the price?  It may be overwhelming, but it’s worth it.


Please pray for us.  We are starting a revival meeting this Sunday with Bro. Travis Clayton, and then Monday-Friday we will be having Bro. Buster Mullins.  Pray that God will do a work and that we will have revival.  We truly need a revival.

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