Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We had a really great service tonight.  We will be starting a revival meeting this Sunday morning.  Please pray for us that God will work in our hearts and send us a revival.  The meeting will go from Sunday morning until Friday night.


Tonight Pastor preached from Genesis 12:1-10 on “It Doesn’t Take Long To Go Wrong.”  When we look at Abram we see the communication he had with God.  He listened to Gods Words and object.  We also see the company that he had.  He took Lot with him and Abram was 75 years old when God told him to leave his country to go to the land of Canaan.  We also see the Canaan they were seeking.  They accomplished the mission that they were set out to do.  We also see that Abram enjoyed communing with God.  In verse 8 we see that he pitched his tent between Bethel and Hai.  Bethel mean house of God and Hai means a heap of ruins.  Abram left worship and went wrong.  We do not realize where we stand, and we fall.  Abram worshipped God and 2 verses late he left and goes to Egypt.  It doesn’t take long to go wrong; it only takes one wrong step.  It doesn’t matter how spiritual you are.  He left worshipping God and starting lying.  When he went to Egypt he started acting like an Egyptian because the first thing we see him doing is lying.  He lied about who his wife was to the Egyptians.  He left worship and wasted part of his life.  He lost time in his life that he could never get back.  Time lost can never be regained.  We can never regain what we have lost.  We can choose to go to the world, but there will be that part of our life we can’t get back.  It is gone forever.  He left worship and lost his only follower.  His only follower was Lot and he lost him.  How do we think Lot knew what Egypt looked like?  He knew because his Uncle led him to Egypt and allowed him to see what Egypt was like.  Abram lost the one that was counting on him. If we go to Egypt and take our families we with us we will lose our family and our followers.  Abram finally went back to where he left God.  Hai and Bethel didn’t move; Abram did.  The house of God doesn’t move we are the ones that move and get away from the house of God.  We should never forget where we were when we were right with God.  Why? It’s because that is the place we will need to go to get back to God.  We need to go back and rebuild the altar of God in our life.  It’s so easy to go wrong.  Tonight we are between Bethel and Hai.  Tonight we might be right with God, but next week we may be in Egypt.  There is a fight going on for our soul tonight even though we do not see it.  The Devil doesn’t care who we are, he just wants to destroy anyone who is living for God.  Abram was in the direct will of God yet he walked out.  All it takes is one wrong step.  One wrong step and we will end up in a cast spiritually.  What will our cast be, only time will tell. For Abram, his cast was Lot.  How do we know his cast was Lot?  It’s because every time Lot got in trouble or something happened to him, Abram came and rescued him.  He never forgot what he did.  It doesn’t take long to go wrong.  Be careful of where you step.


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