Monday, May 23, 2016

Our revival meeting is still going with a bang.  We heard a tremendous message tonight from the man of God.  God sure is good to us to give us exactly what we need when we need it.


Bro. Buster Mullins preached tonight out of Isaiah 6:1-13 on “A Glimpse Of God Will Make A Difference.”  Our eyes and minds are on everything else today but God.  Three things happened to Isaiah when he saw the Lord in chapter 6.  The first thing that happened was there was an awakening of his heart.  His heart was awakened to the highness of God which speaks of his position.  His eyes were opened to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We need to see Him in control and on His throne.  When was the last time we got our eyes on the highness of God?  We need to get our eyes on God.  It will change our perception of everything when we do. His heart was also awakened to the holiness of God.  We need to see how holy He is.  Our standards and convictions leave because we get our eyes off the holiness of God.  We need to see Him holy, perfect, and pure.  His heart was also awakened to the host of God.  How long has it been since we really saw the Lord?  If we are not careful we will lose the vision of God.  It doesn’t take much to lose that vision.  We serve a great and powerful God that can do anything He wants to do.  When we see Him it will change our lives.  He was also awakened to the honor of God and to the house of God.  The presence of the Lord can do more for us than anything else.  There is nothing we can’t go through that a glimpse of God won’t fix.  Secondly there was an attitude of humility.  There was contrition for sin.  We will never see our self until we see the Lord. The Lord comes around and we’ll see our self and our sin.  When was the last time we saw our sin and our real self?  We won’t behold anybody else but our self because the Word of God is a mirror.  There was confession for his sin. He said “Lord it’s me.”  His confession brought cleansing.  We’ll get cleansed from our sin.  God forgives and cleanses.  We get crossways with God and He’ll forgive us and cleanse us if we confess it.  Thank God that God cleanses.  Thirdly there will be an ability to hear.  There will be a call to go.  There’s a cry in our soul to go and see others saved.  He turns our eyes to Him, to our self, and then to others.  Do we intercede for others in prayer?  God will turn our attention from us to others.  There will be a commitment, you’ll go.  There will be a commission.  We won’t see God much if we watch 3-4 hours of TV a week or watching ball games.  We are going to church not seeing the lord.  We have got to see Him this week if we are going to have revival.  When was the last time you saw the Lord for who He is.