Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What another tremendous night we had tonight in the Lord’s house.


Bro. Buster Mullins preached tonight on “Perfecting Holiness” out of 2 Corinthians 6:11-7:1.  The word perfecting means to perform a thing; set a goal; work at a goal until it is finished.  Our life’s goal is to continue to allow the Lord to conform us in the image of His Son.  Our life’s goal is not about building the church or about seeing people saved, it’s for us to be like Him.  Today we have lowered the bar in sanctification.  What is wrong with raising the bar in our spiritual lives?  Don’t lower the bar to get along with this world; instead we should raise the bar to be more like Christ.  The book of 2 Corinthians is about the ministry.  Chapter 3 deals with the people of the ministry.  Chapter 4 deals with the possibility of the ministry.  Chapter 5 deals with the person of the ministry. Chapter 6 deals with the problems incurred in the ministry (shame brought about in the ministry).  But, in chapter 6 and verse 11 the Apostle Paul takes it from the ministry to the minister to the people in the pew under the ministry of the minister.  There are three reasons that we are to be separated.  The first reason is the powerful incentives for perfecting holiness.  Is there any reason we should? In chapter 6 verse 16 we see we are the dwelling place of Christ.  We are the temple of the living God.  It is sad that we treat the building like it’s holier than our bodies.  We are one way at church and another outside the doors of the church.  Does God feel at home in our body? When we realize that our body is the temple of God we will walk, talk, and act differently.  How much would we clean up our life is we realized God lived inside us.  Also in verse 16 we see that there is a delightful promise of communion.  God wants to walk around in us.  God can’t move around in some of us because we are dirty on the inside.  We should desire to keep a clean house for God because He wants to walk around inside of us.  God doesn’t want to have to step over bitterness, pride, greed, lust, and an unforgiving spirit.  God wants to be able to walk around in us freely.  We need to get our sin taken care of so that He can walk freely in our life.  Can God walk freely in us?  We are so ungodly and so unholy that God can’t walk around.  It doesn’t take much for God to stop walking around in our life personally.  Also in verse 16 we see the divine principle of coveted relationship.  God obligated Himself to be our God.  We won’t need the world to satisfy us, He’ll satisfy every part of our life.  Man is going to be devoted to something, what are we going to be devoted to? If we furnish god with a holy body to live in and to walk around in, we won’t need anything else from this world.  God will be everything we could possibly need and ask for.  He wants to satisfy everything about us.  Lastly in verse 18 we see God’s display of parental care.  God wants to be a daddy us.  He wants to treat us like we’re His only child.  He wants to take care of us as a daddy would take care of us.  All we need to do is produce a holy life for Him to live in.  Are you furnishing God a holy house to be living in?


Only one point was preached for the message, and we are unsure if the message will be finish later.  Only God knows what tomorrow holds, but we are looking forward to whatever God has in store for our lives tomorrow night.

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