Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wow.  What a tremendous sermon we heard tonight.  It was exactly what the Lord ordered and exactly what we needed to hear tonight.  We are so thankful for the message that was preached tonight and that has been preached all week as well.


Tonight Bro. Mullins preached out of Isaiah 59:1-21 on “The Marvel Of No Intercession.”  Isaiah was a man of virtue, a man of vision (of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ), a man of valour (stood strong), and a man of value (greatly used by God). Isaiah was born when he was born for a purpose to be used by God to the children of Israel.  Today, we need to be this kind of person to our generation that Isaiah was to his generation.  The children of Israel were a sinful nation.  They were full of depravity.  They had gone away backwards.  They looked God right in the eye and said they weren’t going to do what God wanted them to do.  They deliberately revolted and reveled against God. Sin is a destructive and damaging thing.  They were full of dissimilation (hypocrisy).  Preachers were full of hypocrisy, their practices were full of dissimilation, and their praying was full of hypocrisy as well.  They were full of dishonesty.  Trust was foreign to the land.  Trust had fallen in the street.  They didn’t know what truth was.  The truth faileth.  Trust doesn’t work, and they didn’t want it to work.  They were also full of defilement.  They were defiled in their hands, fingers, thumbs, thought pattern, and their feet.  Their whole body was defiled by sin.  They were also full of danger.  Stand for right; get ready for the nation to shoot at you.  It’s almost dangerous today to take a stand for the things of God.  There was displeasure.  They were a shameful nation.  Sin was manifested.  Our sins are testifying against us today.  Their sins were marked.  A sinful nation brought about a shameful nation which brought about a suffering nation.  They suffered from unanswered prayers.  The problem is not in God, but in us (Ps. 66:18).  There is a different in praying and God hearing our prayers.  There were unresolved problems.  There was no judgment and no justice.  Right was wrong and wrong was right.  There was an unlighted path and unsaved people.  Not many people getting saved any more.  A sinful nation brought about a shameful nation which brought about a suffering nation which brought about a silent nation.  The word intercession means encounter, push against, strike out at, hit attack, intrigue, or begs.  What this country needs is someone to intercede for this nation.  God is stunned that we see the state of our nation and we are not interceding in prayer for our nation.  Every dad should be interceding for his wife, ever wife should be interceding for her husband, and every couple should be interceding for their child/children.  When will someone finally get on their knees and pray? Abraham interceded for his cousin.  Job interceded for his children.  Job got specific for each need of his children.  When was the last time we prayed until we knew God heard us and would answer our prayer? We also need to be interceding for the church.  How much interceding for the church on a Sunday morning do we do?  Things don’t happen at church because no one is interceding for the church.  We have the best of everything but we don’t have the power of God.  When was the last time we came to church bubbling over because we spent time in prayer.  Lastly the nation of Israel became a sentenced nation.  God smote the land not because of its sinfulness but because there was no one interceding in the land for the land.  When was the last time you got serious in prayer?  When was the last time you truly interceded for someone or something? Oh, how we need to get back to intercessory prayer in our prayer lives.


Service begins tomorrow night at 7:30p.m.  We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for our lives tomorrow night.  Come out and be with us if you can.

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