Friday, May 27, 2016

Tonight was the last night of our schedule revival.  God really blessed us with some great messages by Bro. Buster Mullins.  Every message was right on time and right on target.


Tonight Bro. Buster Mullins preached out of Revelation 2:8-11 and 2 Samuel 11:1-27 on “Faithful Unto Death.”  The letter to Smyrna was the shortest, the sweetest, and the most strengthening message give to the churches.  Most people that start the race for the Lord will not finish the race.  Of those that quit the race, most of those will never return and pick up the cross and start the race again.  To finish the race it will take determination and devotion.  Joseph, Job, Josiah, Jeremiah, John, and Jesus were all faithful.  But, Uriah was also a faithful person as well.  Uriah was faithful in the way that he lived.  He was faithful to his marriage, to his masters (Joab and David), and he was faithful to his ministry.  The way that Uriah looked was that he looked like a fool.  Because of what he believed and because of his faithfulness he looked like a fool to others.  Being faithful to God is greater than numbers or anything else we can think of.  Uriah learned that if anyone lived any amount of time someone will betray you.  Why should we be faithful? We should be faithful because of the grace that operated in Uriah’s life – vs. 3,6.  Uriah was born under condemnation because he was supposed to have been killed with the children of Israel crossed over into Canaan land.  But somehow he got under the fellowship of David.  Grace is what got us in the family of God.  We should be faithful because of the God that brought us out of condemnation.  We should be faithful because of the God that overshadowed Uriah.  God took care of Uriah and helped Uriah.  Also we should be faithful because the grief that was omitted from his life. God let him die to omit the grief he would have suffered if he had lived.  David was left to seep and to suffer and so was Bathsheba.  If we stay faithful there will be a lot of things we won’t have to go through.  Faithfulness will spare us from heartaches.  Stay faithful of we will fall into sin and the traps and devices of the Devil.  There are rewards for staying faithful.  There is the reward of commendation.  In Matthew 1, God was trying to remind us of Uriah’s faithfulness, not what David had done.  His faithfulness got him in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  There is also compensation.  God will reward us for our faithfulness.  God will reward us for keeping our hand to the plow and not looking back, but being faithful in the task that God has given us to do.  We are never more like Jesus than when we are faithful. Are you faithful in what you are doing for Christ?  We should be faithful in whatever area we serve Christ in.


We are looking forward to Sunday and all that the Lord has in store for our lives through the messages that will be preached on Sunday.  Pray for us as our Youth Conference 2016 will be upon us very soon.  Pray that many young people will come and get help from the Lord while they are here.  Pray that souls will be saved, lives will be dedicated to the Lord, and that God will be glorified in everything that is done during the conference.

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