Sunday, May 29, 2016

What a tremendous day we had in the house of the Lord today.  The Lord really gave us a good day.  We had 7 kids to ride the bus this morning, and we are thankful for those 7 that came this morning.


This morning for Sunday school we learned about Shamgar and how he killed 600 Philistines with an ox-goad.  An ox-goad is an instrument that is used to poke an ox when the ox will not move.  It was used to get the ox going again.  God used what Shamgar had in his hand to deliver the children of Israel out of the bondage of the Philistines.  God also used Moses and the rod that he had in his hand.  God used Samson as he had the jawbone of a donkey in his hand.  God used David as he had a sling in his hand to kill Goliath.  God used Dorcas who had a needle in her hand to make clothes for people.  God used Deborah as a poet.  All these were used by God to glorify God because they allowed God to use what they had in their hand.  There are things that we have in our hand today that we can use for the honor and glory of God.  We can use those things to serve God and to give Him glory with and through our lives.  We can use our body to serve God.  God wants us to serve Him with our body and to present our bodies as a living sacrifice for Him.  God lives inside of us that are saved and we should live a holy life so that we can serve God with our lives.  We can also use our time to serve God.  We should use our time wise to serve God.  We can use our time to serve Him by reading our Bible, praying, going to church, soul-winning, helping others, working in the print shop, etc.  We can also use our talent to serve God.  Whatever we do we should do it all to the honor and glory of God.  If God has given us a talent we should use it for him.  God has given us a gift, a talent, what we do with that talent is our gift back to God.  Lastly we should use our heart to serve God.  If we can serve God with our heart everything else will fall into place and it will be easy to do.  Are you letting God use what you have in your hand to glorify Him and to serve Him?


This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 16:19-31, Jeremiah 12:1, Psalm 37:1, and Psalm 73:3 on “One Day God Will Wipe The Smile Off Their Face.”  It is not our position here on earth that determines if we are going to heaven or hell.  What determines if we are going to heaven or hell is whether we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It makes no sense how the wicked can seemingly be happy and always doing good.  This confuses the mindset of us Christians.  If we keep thinking about it, it will begin to really bother us.  God will wipe the smile off their face over the precious memories of their life.  The rich man had to be reminded of how in life he always received the good things and Lazarus always received the bad things in life.  He could not go back and live all the precious memories he had of his life.  One day they will no longer smile about the things they used to do for fun.  God will also wipe the smile off their face because they can no longer do what they want to do.  In their life they could go and do whatever they wanted to do and go wherever they wanted to go.  But once they die and go to hell they can no longer do and go where ever they want.  Their joy was gone because they can’t do what they want to do.  God will also wipe the smile off their face when they realize their family they left behind will bust hell wide open.  There was no smile when he asked Abraham to send someone to his relatives.  He didn’t want his family to come to hell, but he knew that is where they were headed.  Lastly God will wipe the smile off their face when they realize their family was as rebellious as they were.  The rich man knew about repentance and the things of God.  He rebelled against the law and the prophets and so is his family.  If we ask why and how and keep dwelling on it, we will soon find ourselves out there.  We will have to find the answer out for our self which is not what God wants us to do.  One day their smile will be wiped away.  Will it be wiped away on this side or the next side? Let God wipe the smile off your face nice when He shows you who you are.


20160529_181819Tonight Pastor preached on “The Whole Armour Of God’ out of Ephesians 6:10-20.  When looking at the armour of God there must be a reality.  There must be the reality that we have to have God.  There is also a responsibility.  We must put the armour on; God’s not going to put it on for us.  There is also the reason for the armour.  We must realize the reason we are fighting and what we are fighting.  Then there is a readiness because of what we are fighting.  Then there is the request.  We have to ask God to help us put on the armour and to use it. Sometimes in reality it looks like people are ready to fight but really they are not fighting.  Too many times we are armed just enough to get by and that’s it.  An evil day will come upon each and every one of us.  It will come sooner or later and we must be prepared.  We can be prepared by putt on the armour of God.  If we are not prepared we will fail.  First piece of armour is for us to have our loins girt about with truth.  The belt holds everything together.  Truth will help us not to be shaken by every wind of doctrine that we hear.  The truth is what will make us free.  The second piece is the breastplate of righteousness.  This piece protects the body.  It protects the most valuable organ, the heart.  Righteousness protects the heart.  If we don’t protect our heart we will do anything.  The third piece is to have our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.  Shoes will protect our feet.  Our feet are for one reason, to make movement.  Shoes also give us grip in the battle.  Shoes are for going.  Our shoes are intended to get the gospel out.  People don’t go soul-winning because they are not prepared.  The fourth piece is the shield of faith.  The shield protects us from the fiery darts of Satan.  It quenches the darts of doubt, confusion, and the things that bother us, worry, and discouragement.  Faith is simply trusting.  We should be trusting God.  Do we have enough faith that we can wake up in the morning and say we will quench every dart the devil will throw at us tomorrow?  The fifth piece is the helmet of salvation.  The helmet is a big deal.  It protects our mind.  The greatest tool that we have is our mind.  If our mind is not right, we can’t fight.  Our mind becomes focused on the things of God, and those darts are hurled at the mind.  If the Devil gets in our mind we will know the helmet is not on properly.  The sixth piece is the sword of the Spirit.  This piece is our only defensive weapon.  In the battle we have to have a sword.  No man can win without the sword.  How is it that Jesus needed the Scriptures to defeat Satan yet we think we don’t need the Scriptures to defeat Satan.  The Devil can’t stand the Word of God.  He will feel once you start using it on him.  The last piece of armour is prayer.  If Paul needed to pray, if Elijah needed to pray, if Moses needed to pray, and if Jesus needed to pray; what makes us think we don’t need to pray?  We can have the armour on, but if we don’t pray we aren’t going to fight.  Prayer is our communication with God.  God knows where we are at and will help us fight our battle.  When we are not trusting and believing as we should God says “I’ll help you.”  How does your amour look?  Do you have your armour on? Are you ready to fight the Devil?  Always be ready and always put your armour on because you never know when the Devil will attack and you never know what area the Devil will attack.  Stand and fight.

The picture is of Pastor standing on stage with some of the Junior Sunday school class members who made either a piece of the armour of God or made the whole armour of God for when their class went through the armour of God in their Sunday school class.

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