Wednesday, July 01, 2016

What a tremendous sermon Pastor preached tonight.  He preached out of Genesis 6:9 on “Living Perfect In An Imperfect World.”  When you read verses 5, 11, and 12 in that same chapter we have to think of America.  Today in America people cannot be trust any more, words don’t mean anything, and preachers preach and what they preach doesn’t mean anything anymore either.  The word perfect means – wholesome man; a man filled with integrity.  Do we desire to have a name of integrity?  Noah didn’t allow his surrounding to change his character.  Noah was perfect because his foundation was right.  He found grace in the eyes of the Lord.  Grace was the beginning of what made him perfect.  His foundation made him strong.  Our foundation will either make us or break us.  Noah looked for grace, something different in his generation.  He found grace because he was looking for it.  Noah also was a just man.  He lived right and righteous.  Most Christians say they can’t live for God because of how bad it is.  Noah didn’t live in a day where we had a King James Bible, no revival meetings to go to, no church to go to, no good singing to go to; yet he was a just man.  Every person he met was not just, or perfect, or holy.  Noah also did not allow his surroundings to affect him.  The word corrupt means perverted, rotten, or spoiled.  Lot was vexed by the conversation he was around every day and look where it got him.  Noah was around wickedness every day by people that were so wicked yet he did not let it affect him.  Are we standing against the wicked around us every day?  Noah also kept communication between him and God.  There was regular communication with God.  Have we communicated with God this week? Have we prayed for our kids this week? Do we have a personal relationship with God? Noah was the only single person he could talk to in his generations.  Noah also allowed God to detail his life.  God told Noah what to build, how to build it, what to put in it, and what food to put in it.  He knew that was the only thing that would float.  God gave him all the details, and Noah followed them.  We need to let the man of God tell us how to live our lives.  God told Noah once, and he did it.  God’s laws are made to be broken or abide by, not to bend.  Lastly, Noah obeyed.  Not a lot is said in verse 22, but a lot was said.  Noah did everything like God told him to.  If we don’t obey the Word of God we will never have a Genesis 7:7.  Noah and his family went in the ark.  Husbands, lead your families to be a spiritual person.  It was so real to Noah that he convinced his whole family that it was real.  Noah left his family behind, his brothers and sisters.  Are you living perfect in an imperfect world?  Noah did, and so can we.  We have no excuse or reason why we can’t live a perfect life in an imperfect world.


Starting on Wednesday nights, we want to have some of the young people to turn in their outlines of the service on Wednesday night.  Tonight Katy Sales was the only one that turned on in, so here is her outline of the sermon tonight. Thank you Katy for turning in your outline tonight.


Noah didn’t let his surroundings change him.


  1. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

If you are saved you can’t go into the world and feel ok.

What made Noah not go with the flow was the foundation he was on.

Noah is the only one in that generation that found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Noah lived a right and righteous life.


  1. Noah lived a just life.


  1. Noah didn’t let his surroundings affect him.


  1. He kept communication with God.

How many of you have communicated with God this week?

Noah was the only single man God could talk to.


  1. He allowed God to detail his life.

God only had to tell him the details once.

How to live a detailed life:

  1. Always obey your mom and dad
  2. Never let the Word of God get dusty in your life.
  3. Never quit praying.
  4. Don’t talk to a boy or girl that doesn’t go to church.

Men, don’t change your ways.

Noah rode on top of the water and everybody else sank.

When you get married don’t quit church.

God makes rules that aren’t bendable; they are either broken or obeyed.


  1. Noah obeyed God.

Noah didn’t drive his family in the ark he lead them in the ark.

I don’t want to be alone in heaven. I want y family to be there too.

I don’t want to ever have to drive my kids to church.

It was so real to Noah it convinced his whole family it was real.

Noah was perfect in his generation.

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