Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We had a tremendous service tonight in God’s house.  Pastor preached out of Numbers 4:1-15, 21-22, 27, 29-32, and 47-49 on “Don’t Let Your Burden Be A Burden.”  There were 3 groups of Levi’s sons that were given a burden for the service.  The job that those 3 tribes were given were jobs no one else wanted to do.  In the work of the Lord if we are not careful, we will look at others and how they aren’t doing what we’re doing for God.  Whatever burden God has given us, we don’t need to let it become a burden even though it is a burden.  If we’re not careful we will lose our first love for God and our burden will become a burden.  If we love God as we should our burden will not be a burden although it is a burden.  Our burden will not become a burden if we don’t ever forget Who we’re serving.  The 3 tribes of Levi thought as they carried the curtains, and the pillars, etc., Who they were doing it for.  They knew that what they carried was so that God could meet with them in the tabernacle.  We need to remember we are doing what we are doing for God.  There was nothing better for the 3 tribes of Levi to do.  When we serve God there is nothing better for us to do.  No matter what we’re doing for God tonight, it is the best job that we could ever have.  No job is greater than another job in the eyes of the Lord.  They realized they carried held God’s glory and God’s presence.  What we’re printing in the print shop carries God’s glory and God’s presence.  The Gospel becomes a burden when we forget Who we are doing what we are doing for and we forget it carries God’s glory and God’s presence.  The burden we are given by the Lord can be a blessing in someone else’s life.  If our burden becomes a burden, God will not bless it.  Our burden will not become a burden if we remember who we are laboring for.  If we’re laboring for somebody, we are going to quit when they quit.  God didn’t give us a burden to labor for someone else; He gave us a burden to labor for Him.  We need to labor for God, not someone else.  The burden will get heavy and if we don’t get it in our mind why we’re serving, we’re going to irritate others.  When other’s don’t help us in our burden, we will get aggravated.  The 3 tribes of Levi could have gotten aggravated at their job.  They had to do it over and over and over again, and their job never changed.  If we want a better Sunday school class, make the Sunday school class we are in better than what it is now.  Teaching a different class will not make the class any better.  They carried their burden with joy, and His presence was never withheld from showing up in the tabernacle because they didn’t do their job properly.  They took pride in what they did for God.  God’s presence will show up if we do our burden right and joyful.  If we are not careful and our burden becomes a burden, we will get bitter on the inside and eventually quit.  Has your burden become a burden???

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