Sunday, June 16, 2016

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!  Hope each and every Father had a great Father’s Day today.  We had a great day in God’s house today as we heard some really great messages today.  It’s always a good day when you get to go to the Lord’s house.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Gideon and how God called him to do a work for him.  Gideon did not think of himself as someone God can use, but God knew he could use him.  God could use Gideon because He knew that Gideon had faith in God that God would do whatever He wanted to do.  Gideon allowed the Word of God to be a compass in his life and led him to where God was able to use him in the way that he did.  Everyone that is saved has a call of God on their life.  God has a specific purpose for their life.  We need to use the compass of the Word of God to direct our paths so that we can be on the path God wants us to be on so that He can use our lives.  The Bible is the key to staying on the path and getting on the path that God has for our life.  Every person has their own path because God isn’t going to use everyone in the same way.  But we must be willing to let God use us however He sees fit.  We don’t need to rebel against it, but yield to His leading in our life.  Be a Gideon and let God use your life for His honor and glory.


This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 2:39-49 and 4:16-22 On “Daddy, What Are You Teaching Your Son?”  Joseph was not Jesus’ Father, but he was the father figure in the home and he treated Jesus as his son.  God was His Father.  Joseph taught Jesus to be faithful.  Joseph took Jesus to church.  He was faithful in performing all that he was supposed to do.  Jesus was accustomed to being in church.  Joseph led Him and taught Him to be faithful.  If you are not faithful Dads, you cannot raise faithful children.  Faithfulness does not come naturally; you have to make up your mind to be faithful.  Just going to church doesn’t make you faithful.  Jesus was faithful in everything because Joseph was faithful in everything.  Joseph taught Jesus faithfulness.  Joseph just didn’t to go church, he went to church to participate, and he taught that to Jesus.  Dads, don’t just be faithful, be a participant, and be a part of the church service.  Every single job in the church is important.  Be involved and stay with it, don’t quit.  We are to participate together.  Joseph also taught Jesus that the Word of God was a common book.  They knew Jesus could read and could understand the Word of God.  When you go to church you read the Word of God.  If you never keep the Word of God important in your life, you’ll never be right with God and you’ll never be faithful.  The Word of God was important and it was precious to Jesus.  The Word of God was important and it was precious to Jesus.  The Word of God is only as important as you make it to be.  How does the Word of God speak to you?  When it’s important to you it will make all the difference in your life.  How spiritual are you? How much does the Word of God mean to you?  Make the Word of God important.  Don’t’ expect your children to be spiritual if you are not spiritual.  Don’t expect your children to hold God’s Word important if you don’t.  You can’t do anything without the Word of God.  Lastly Jesus’ relationship with God overcame His relationship with His earthly father.  Jesus followed the example that He had.  There was a breakaway from Joseph when He began to do His earthly ministry.  Raise your children so that one day you’ll have an Isaac as your son; one that will keep going for God even after you are dead and gone.  Everything transferred to Jesus from Joseph’s life.  Is God’s house important to you? Is God’s Word important to you?


Tonight Pastor preached on “The Fear Of The Lord” out of Proverbs 1:7 and 9:10. There are a few words we need to understand in Proverbs 1:7 in order to get what the verse is trying to say, so here is a few definitions.

Fear – Reverence, respect, respond.

Beginning – the choice part, the best part.

Knowledge – understanding, discernment.

Fools – one that despises wisdom, mocks when guilty, and is quarrelsome.

Despise – Shows despite toward, hate

Instruction – Discipline, correction

Wisdom – someone who knows something.


Discernment comes from a person fearing God.  The fear of the Lord is the opposite of being a fool.  A wise son will hear and will listen.  What is a fool – Proverbs 1:8?  Somewhere in your life there will be a group of young people that will try to drag you in, but wisdom will cry in the street and tell you to not go in that direction.  Fools hate knowledge, knowing what is right and wrong.  They hate God.  What is the fear? A person that feels like they are going to get away with what they are doing and nothing can stop them.  They find themselves in the place God told them.  They never thought it would happen to them.  Verse 28 is a verse a lot of Independent Baptists don’t like and believe.  Not a lot of young people come back that have gone out to the world because they never got an answer from God.  They despised, they laughed at those living for God and now God is laughing at them.  Fools say they don’t have to listen to God and say when they will get right with God whenever they want to.  But, one day they’ll wake up and say “God where are you” but God won’t be found of them.  It should make us aware that we should not be around those that are fools. Here are some verses on fools: Job 5:2-3; Ps. 107:17; Prov. 1:7, 7:22, 10:8, 10:10, 10:14, 10:21, 11:29, 12:16, 14:3, 14:9, 15:5, 16:22, 20:3, 24:7, 27:3 27:22, 29:5 and Jer. 4:22.  A fool makes a mock at sin.  We should get away from them.  If a person makes fun of the rules in your house you should get away from them as well.  The fool will one day come to a day where he hates where he is at.  It will come.  The devil will let you see their joy that they supposedly have but just wait on the Lord.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all God’s happiness.  A place where every believer bends himself to the law of Almighty God because he understand the judgment of God and the kindness of God and doesn’t plan to go the way of the fool.  Fools know not the value of instruction.  They ignore the warning as if judgment is not real.  A saved person can be a fool.  Are you a fool or are you a wise son?