Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pastor preached a really great message tonight.  He preached out of 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 on “The Unbalanced Christian Life.”  This is the beginning of a series he is going to be preaching out of this chapter.  He laid the ground work tonight for the rest of the messages that he will be preaching in the following weeks ahead.  The word charity is agape love or God’s love and can only be given to us by God.  Charity is what puts everything together in the Christian life.  There are 5 extremes in the first 3 verses that we must understand before we can fully understand what the chapter is about.  The first is that it does not matter what you say.  Our words mean nothing if charity is not behind them.  What we say is empty if we don’t have charity.  Though we can speak every person’s language in the world and even speak to the angels, it amounts to nothing if we do not have charity in our heart.  The second is it doesn’t matter what we know.  If we could understand everything it would be nothing if charity is not attached to it.  We can know everything, but if we don’t have love, we’ve wasted our learning time.  Our knowledge can puff us up too much if we are not careful with our knowledge.  If our knowledge carries us to superiority then we’ve missed the boat. We’ve missed the reason why God has allowed us to learn things.  People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.  Thirdly it doesn’t matter what we say we believe.  Faith without charity means nothing and will get nothing accomplished.  Faith must be accompanied by charity for it to work.  Fourthly it doesn’t matter what we give.  Is there anything wrong with feeding the poor? No, but we need to have charity while we are feeding the poor.  Without charity feeding the poor means nothing.  We waste our time feeding the poor if we do not have charity.  The things we are emphasizing on are the things we are dealing with in these verses.  If there is no love, the love that God gives, it means nothing.  We get so busy we forget what we are doing.  If we do what we do because we love God then there is no looking back.  We won’t regret what we’ve done if we do what we do in love.  Without the love of God in our life we can only do things for so long before we give out.  Why do people quit on God? Because they don’t have the love of God in their life, they have left their first love.  There is a love problem.  The last extreme is it doesn’t matter if we die and give our life out of pride and not in love, it will mean nothing to God.  If we live our life with pride it means absolutely nothing to God.  The importance of why Revelation says for the church to fall back in love with God is because of how important love is to God.  We need to fall in love with the reason we do what we do.  These verses show us just how much emphases God puts on love.  If we are saved, love moved inside of us.  God’s love only dwells in those that are saved.  What ties us together is the love of God.  If we get our love wrong, it will take us out of church.  We are wasting our time if we are driven by duty and not by love.  Is your love right?

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