Sunday, July 10, 2016

What a tremendous day we had today in the Lord’s house.  We had 24 kids to ride the bus this morning with 2 of them being new kids.  Several have been repeated kids and we are thankful every time we see bus kids come back to church.  They are a blessing to us and we are delighted to have them be in the services with us.  Pray that God would continue to bless the bus ministry and that we will see more kids come and that we will see them get saved as well.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Jonathan and how he was friends with David.  He was a friend that encouraged David in the things of the Lord.  He encouraged David in the hand of the Lord because Jonathan knew that true strength came from the Lord.  Who we choose as our friends is very important and they can either build us up, or they can tear us down.  Our friends are more important than we realize, and they play a great part in our life.  A true friend will love at all times and they will be there for us in the good times and also in the bad times.  If our friend deserts us when we are going through a hard time then they really weren’t our friend to begin with.  We ought also to be a friend to others when they are going through a good time or a bad time.  We should not forsake our friends for no reason at all unless they go to the world, then we should forsake them.  Our friends should sharpen us spiritually but we should also sharpen them spiritually as well.  We ought to draw each other close to the Lord and encourage one another to live for God and to do what is right.  Be an accountability partner and encourage them to read their Bible every day and to pray every day.  Also we should be friendly if we want friends.  If we don’t have any friends it’s because we aren’t friendly.  If all our friends forsake us, we do have one friend that sticks closer than a brother, and His name is Jesus.  He can be there for us at all times.  He will be there when no one else will or can be there for us.  He cares about us and wants to be our friend.  Lastly our friends are important and we do need friends.  We can live for God on our own but it will be harder, but why do it alone with there are others who are desirous of living for God. If we have a friend that is helping us spiritually they will help us back up when we fall.  It’s better to have a true friend than to be alone.  What kind of friends do you have? What kind of friend are you?


This morning Pastor preached out of Acts 26:1-28 on “Almost Is Not Enough.”  Wonder how many times we have almost persuaded someone to be a Christian?  Out of all those that heard the voice of God that day in verse 14, only one responded to the Word of God and that was Saul who later became Paul.  Today many people hear the Word of God, but they do not respond.  Knowing all the answers is not enough.  King Agrippa knew all the answers, but he didn’t know God.  One question he couldn’t answer is the answer he was going to have to give to God one day.  He knew it all yet he lacked knowing the most important person, and the answer to the most important question. He didn’t need God because he had it all figured out, or at least so he thought anyway.  Religion is not enough either.  Religion is killing America. Everyone goes to church and everyone is saved at least in Georgia anyway.  Paul was religious before he got saved.  Paul came to realize religion wasn’t going to get it done.  Religion will get you and religion will not make you a Christian.  He had everything in place except for what really mattered.  It doesn’t matter if you grew up in church because church will not get you into heaven.  What matters is if you are saved or not.  The hang up is in verse 2-, they don’t want to repent and turn to God.  King Agrippa saw light without a response.  After King Agrippa saw the light it was harder to expose him to the light again.  He was exposed to light, yet he did not respond to light.  If you reject the light, it gets harder and harder to accept the light.  King Agrippa believed with his head but not with his heart.  He had it all figured out, he knew all the questions and all the answers, yet he died and went to hell.  You have to make the decision.  It’s up to you to do business with God.  Don’t say “Almost.” It could be the worst words you can every say.


Tonight we had 14 kids come from off the bus routes.  Dr. Young preached for us tonight.  He preached on “Go Get Your Axe” out of Philippians 1:11-15.  Faithfulness empowered by God will last.  We should let God polish our eyes so that we can see more clearly and can see our spiritual life.  The only way to get it done is by the fruits of righteousness and faithfulness.  Our heart is our problem.  Our love is no turned up the way it needs to be to see ourselves as we need to see ourselves.  In verse 11 we see Paul never wanted to rob God of His glory for what He had done in his life.  How greatly is God being able to use us? In verse 12 we saw that we need to made a wide enough span for our families to walk in and that they would know God can use them for His glory and that they would know the will of God for their lives.  Those in the palace heard about how great Paul’s God was, and it was all because of his fruits of righteousness expanding.  When we do what we’re supposed to do, it will break out on others, and it will even break out on others who really have no desire to do anything for God.  Our life should be reflecting faithfulness and righteousness.  The only hope we have in this life is the Word of God.  His righteousness just spread out and ours should do the same.  There’s no telling how far it will reach.  Just be our self and let God use us, and let righteousness whine forth and spread.  What Paul was, he was that all the time; he never changed.  Is our life affecting others because our love is real and our care for others is real? In verse 14 those that labored with Paul had been made stronger.  They took notice of what Paul was doing.  God does things for those that are willing to trust Him.  We need to stop and shout a little while because of what God is doing.  In verse 15 are we thoroughly convinced that we are to be a part of the fervency of the gospel?  You are needed. Take hold of the axe.  Let God use your life to influence others no matter where you are.