Sunday, July 17, 2016

We had a great day today in God’s house.  We missed our Pastor, but he is away preaching a meeting at another church today.  We had 16 on the bus this morning with no new kids this week, and we are thankful for the ones that are staying faithful in coming each Sunday morning, and we are evening having some come on Sunday night and Wednesday night as well.  Tonight we had 11 kids from the bus route come to church.


This morning for Sunday school we are starting a 16 week series on the book of Joshua so we did an introduction into the life of Joshua and what he was before the book of Joshua takes place and he leads the children of Israel into the land of Canaan.  Joshua is first mentioned in Exodus 17:9 where he is told by Moses to lead the children of Israel to war against Amalek.  Joshua was a fighter, he was Moses’ minister, he went up part way into the mount of God with Moses, he wanted to be around the presence of God, he was sent to spy out the land of Canaan with 11 others, he was promised by God to enter the land of Canaan, he wholly followed the Lord, he would cause the children of Israel to inherit the land of Canaan, and he was full of the spirit of wisdom.  If one word could some up the life of Joshua it would be FAITH. Faith is simply trusting.  Faith is not being able to see but trusting the One Who can.  Faith is trusting God when we don’t know what our next step holds.  Faith trusts an unknown future to an all knowing God.  Joshua lived a life of faith and it is evident all throughout his life.  Like Joshua we need to have the testimony of living a life of faith.  We need to trust God in everything and have faith.


This morning Dr. Young preached for us out of 2 Corinthians 6:11-14 on “The Company You Keep.”If we don’t keep the right kind of friends, we’re not going very far in our spiritual life.  If we are going to better ourselves we have to get away from leaven (sin). If we don’t keep the right kind of friends, we will not get away from sin.  We will become stagnant spiritually when we keep the wrong kind of friends.  We need to keep the right friends so we don’t pollute ourselves with sin and the things of this world.  It doesn’t matter what we say, but it does matter what we do. Just because a person goes to church doesn’t mean they are saved and it doesn’t mean that we should hang around them and be friends with them.  There are 5 people that as a Christian we should not be friends with.  The first is those that try to deceive – Acts 5:3-5.  We don’t have to act our Christianity, it will come from within.  Don’t hang around those that are deceivers about their giving to the Lord, or with their business.  If we are struggling in an area or if a problem arises we should tell people.  Don’t let things become hidden.  Don’t be a deceiver and don’t run with those that deceive.  The second person is those that are strong in their own eyes.  These are those that try to do things on their own – Num. 16:1-3.  They don’t need the Lord’s help in their life.   They have so much strength that they rarely rely on God for help.  They know the way of the Lord better than the Pastor does.  We need to stand in the strength of the Lord because as a Christian that is where our true strength comes from.  When we say “I’m nothing and I can’t get the job done,” that is when we become strong and victory is sure in our life.  Another person we should not keep company with is those that turn back in the time of battle – Psalm 78:9-11.  If we turn back in battle, darkness will prevail in our lives.  We turn back because of our pride, we are afraid of what others will say about us. God’s not limited in our lives if we don’t turn back in battle.  When the battle gets hot we need to pull out of sword, the Word of God, and fight.  Another person we shouldn’t hang around with is those that hate a spiritual life – Rev. 3:14-17.  These are those that have no desire to be spiritual.  They don’t need God, and they don’t need God on the inside of their life.  They are just fine without God and being spiritual.  There is nothing spiritual about them and they do not have a spiritual life.  Lastly we don’t need to keep company with those that are blinded by self importance – Matt. 7:22-23.  They can tell us how good they are.  God is not interested in our self righteousness but He is interested in us crying out for mercy.  The self importance crowd believes they can go to heave on their own good works.  Are your friends helping you or hurting you?  What kind of friends do you have?


Tonight Bro. Michael Sales preached for us and he preached on “Being An Example Of The Believer” out of 1 Timothy 4:12.  If we are saved we have no excuse for not being a witness or an example of the believer.  Adults, are we teaching the young people to be an example?  Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t act like a Christian young person.  We should encourage our kids and the young people in the church to act right, live right, and to be a godly example.  As a Christian we are to be an example of the believer, not of the carnal crowd or the worldly crowd.  We should be an example of the believer in word.  What do we talk about?  Do we talk about the world, or do we talk about the things of the Lord?  What subject are you known for talking about? What is the motive for our talking?   Why are we talking and saying what we are saying?  Are we helping others live a spiritual life or to be more carnal? We are to be an example in conversation as well.  How we live our life is it like a believer? Are we argumentative, converse or dispute against authority? If we argue or converse or dispute our parent’s authority, how are we going to listen to God?  We should teach out kids to listen to our authority.  Do we rebel against authority?  Rebellion is a sin.  Also we should be an example in charity.  Do we demonstrate love? Do we demonstrate love how God loves us? What is the center of our love? What do we love the most? What drives us more than anything else in this world?   What we love tells what kind of person we are and whether or not we are being the right example.  Fourthly we are to be an example in spirit (mental disposition, attitude).  Are we mean spirited? Is all you want to do is hurt someone? A Christian shouldn’t have a rebellious spirit.  We shouldn’t do the opposite of what we are told, as that goes against the nature of God.  Are we kind spirited? Can people come to us and talk to us because we are kind spirited.  Are we a servant? Do we have a servant’s heart? Another example we should be is in faith.  Do we demonstrate faith in God? Do we show others we have faith in God with our money, our talents, and our opportunities? Do we trust God to use what we have for His honor and His glory?  Do we trust what God says in His Word?  We should.  Lastly we should be an example in purity.  God still wants us to be pure.  He wants our mind, our heart, and our conversation to be pure.  Everything we do should be in purity.  It’s easier to corrupt pure water than it is to take corrupt water and make it pure.  How can we accomplish this and be an example of the believer?  We do it through reading the Word of God.  When was the last time we read our Bible on our own?  We do it through preaching as well.  Pay attention in church.  Listen to the preaching of the Word of God.  Thirdly we do it through doctrine (teaching of the Bible).  Pay attention in Sunday school and listen to the teacher.  We should ask our kids what the services were about.  We also do it through exercising the gift of God.  We all have a gift.  Are we exercising the gift God has given us? What is our gift? We don’t need to lay our gift aside and ignore it.  God gave it to us to use so that we can bring honor and glory to His name through our life and the gift that God has given us.  Lastly we accomplish it by meditating on what we have heard.  What do we mediate on? Is it the T.V. program or the Bible that we’ve read? Do we meditate on the preaching that we’ve heard?  Why should we be concerned how we live our life? We should be concerned because there is the profit of being a son of God that can be seen by others.  They can see how God blessed our life.  They’ll see how we have been becoming a Christian more and more.  We are more and more like Christ.  We should also be concerned because we could lead someone to Christ.  We should be an example so that maybe we will have an opportunity to lead someone to Christ.  Most are not interest in leading someone to Christ though.  Do others want what you have?  You can be an example no matter what your age is!  You have the ability and you have the opportunity. Don’t waste it.

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