Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What a great time we had tonight in church. Pastor was back tonight.  We sure did miss him while he was gone, but we are glad he was able to go and preach and help another church keep going for the Lord.  We had 13 kids come to church tonight from the bus ministry.  They are a blessing each time they come to church.


Tonight Pastor continued his series out of 1 Corinthians 13:4 on “Charity Vaunteth Not Itself.”  Love is giving.  There will always be a spiritual tug of war in our life because love goes against our nature, our flesh, and our natural man.  The one we feed the most is the one that will win the battle, whether it is charity or vaunting.  The word vaunteth means to boast about oneself.  All of us have a problem with recognition.  When charity is working right in our life, we won’t have to cover up our boasting.  The word vaunteth also mean to seek to brag.  This is not bragging about someone else but rather bragging about our self.  We brag about what we have.  When charity is in our life, we quit bragging.  When we brag, charity is not ruling in our life.  Is it said of us “they brag about themselves all the time.”  The love of God does not abound in our life if we are bragging or boasting about our self.  The word vaunteth also mean seeking recognition.  Charity does not seek recognition.  We ought to want God to be glorified in our life.  What all we can do is because of God and we will recognize that if the love of God abounds in our life.  We’re not too great that we can’t be replaced.  Sometimes God will bring us to the point that we realize that we can be replaced.  We don’t need to build our self up bigger than we think we are.  God does not have to use us if He doesn’t want to.  Thing will go on with or without us.  The word vaunteth also carries with it the meaning of superiority over others, discontented and disregarding to others.  We will become a respecter of persons.  They think they are better than others and don’t have time for others. They get a disregard of others, they say what they want and they don’t care if they hurt others with their words.  Charity will care about others and their needs, and they will recognize others first.  Charity applauds others when they are right and it’s not a life.  Charity will want to magnify God and not themselves.  Let charity rule your life and it will change your natural behavior.  Do you have charity or do you vaunt?


Some pictures have been added to the website.  Check out the new pictures under the “We Stand With God Rally” and “Graduation 2016.”  Enjoy the pictures.

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