Sunday, July 24, 2016

We had some great services today in the Lord’s house.  We had 15 kids ride the bus this morning with 1 of those being a first time visitor.  We sure are glad they all could join us this morning.  Tonight we had 6 kids ride the bus to church.


This morning for Sunday school we started our first look into the book of Joshua.  We looked at the first chapter of the book of Joshua and how the Lord had commissioned Joshua to lead the children of Israel over the Jordan River into the land of Canaan.  When the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River it was a picture of the Christian living a victorious Christian life.  The Lord commissioned Joshua and he affirmed Joshua that He would be with him just as He was with Moses.  He promised He would never leave Joshua nor forsake Him.  He told Joshua to be strong and of good courage for the task that laid ahead of him.  Joshua was afraid but the Lord encouraged Joshua.  This morning we have been given a commission by God.  God gave us the great commission to go and tell others about Jesus.  He wants us to tell others about Him.  Just as the Lord encouraged Joshua when he was commissioned by the Lord, the Lord encouraged him.  The Lord does the same to us.  When the Lord commissions us to do something for Him, He will not make us do it alone.  He will be right beside us and He will never leave us nor forsake us, and He will give us the strength and the courage to tell others about Him.  He wants us to tell other about Him, but once we see them saved, God wants us to disciple them.  God wants us to teach them the Bible and what the Bible teaches and what we believe.  Also we should lead others into a victorious Christian life.  Joshua led the children of Israel over the Jordan River as a picture of the victorious Christian life.  God wants us to help others live victorious as well.  Will you be a Joshua?  Will you be the one that God uses to lead the youth group to live for God and to live a victorious Christian life? Will you stand out and be the one and let God use you?


This morning Pastor preached out of Mark 1:40-45 on “You Can’t Hide When It’s Real.”   Jeremiah tried to hide it, but he couldn’t because there was a fire burning within him.  Is there anything inside of us? If it’s real inside of us we can’t hide it.  The faith of this leper could not be hidden.  No matter what our problem is, God is our answer for it.  Nobody or nothing can fix our problems.  Our problem is when we have a problem; we try everything else to fix it before we try God.  We rely on everything else instead of God.  God can help us when nothing else or no one else can.  God can and will help us fix our problems.  We lock God out of our life and God can’t fix it because God can’t help us if we’re not open with God.   We have to be open to God if we want help.  Getting right with God is embarrassing, but it’s the only way to get right with God.  If we keep holding it back, we may not be around another 18 years or so.  God can fix what we are struggling with if we let Him.  God has all the answers and can fix any problem that we have.  We can’t hide what’s real.  Jesus was moved with compassion in verse 41 because the leper knew only God could help him.  When we get saved the leprosy will disappear.  Immediately the cure was there for the leper that day.  Get real with God.  When we get read, God will be there to help us.  He’ll fix our problem, but He won’t fix it until we get real with Him.  He’ll help us with our struggle.  We have to get where we don’t care what others think.  How real are you with God?  Do you hide what’s real?  We shouldn’t hide what is inside of us.


Tonight Pastor preached on “Contending For The Faith” out of Jude 1-8.  Those that creep into the church defile the flesh, despise dominion, and they speak evil of dignities.  There are some things that are going to have to be if we are going to contend for the faith.  We must be consistent in our stand.  Being consistent means being the same all the time.  If we hang around someone who laughs at the things of God we won’t be consistent in our stand.  We should be careful who we read behind because they will cause us to sway if we are not careful.  The devil will always try to send in a creep, one that doesn’t believe like we do. They will turn the grace of God into lasciviousness.  They will try to tell us that we can be saved and do whatever we want to do.  A true saved person that goes into sin will eventually deal with their sin; they won’t live in it forever.  If we’ve saved and we go into sin, God will chasten us because we are His child.  We have to be consistent because there is no other way.  We ought to be the same 10 years from now that we are today.  We should also care about what is right.  People don’t care what is right any more today.  Do we care what is right? As a Christian we should care.  Why do we want to stand for what is right?  The children of Israel didn’t want to do right in the crossing of the Jordan River and they wasted 40 years of their life and God killed every one of them.  Do we care about this church being right? Do we care enough that we will fight for what is right? Do we care to do what is right? Do we teach our children what is right? Does it bother us to see those that used to live for God do what is right that is no longer living for right or for God? It should bother us.  We have to stand even when we don’t even like it.  Also we should care about the character of God.  Those that creep in will tell us we don’t have to do it God’s way; we can do it our way.  We should care about the character of God.  If we compromise in one area another area will be sure to follow very soon.  We also should care about the future.  Stand for the future and it holds.  Preach and life right for the future.  Care about what God has in store for the future of the kids in the church.  Creepers will creep in and try to be like us in order to side track us so we have to be very careful.  The devil comes to us as an angle of light, so we have to be very careful.  Do you care? We have to contend for the faith?