Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wow! What a tremendous day we had today in the Lord’s house.  Our revival meeting started this morning with Bro. Ray Brown and what a tremendous message he preached this morning which he continued in tonight’s service. This morning we had 18 kids to ride the bus and 2 of them were new this morning. For the evening service we had 10 riders with 4 of them being first time riders.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua chapter 2 and Joshua sending two spies over the Jordan River to spy out the land of Jericho.  When the two spies spied out the land of Jericho they entered to the house of Rahab the harlot and there found safety from the King of Jericho and learned that the city of Jericho feared and trembled because of the children of Israel.  The citizens of Jericho were scared of the children of Israel because they had heard of the miracles that God had done for them in the past.  Rahab and the two spies made a token that if Rahab would bind the scarlet thread out the window when the children of Israel crossed over the Jordan River that anyone that was in her house would be spared their life and if anyone in the house was hurt then their blood was upon the head of the two spies.  Imagine the smile that probably came over the two spies face when they walked around the walls of Jericho and they saw the scarlet thread hanging out the window of Rahab’s house.  Somewhere in chapter two or somewhere in her life Rahab the harlot got saved.  It goes to show us that there is hope for others to be saved; that no one has ever gone too far into sin that they cannot be saved.  Rahab got saved and got married and ended up being placed in the lineage of Christ.  God was able to use Rahab in ways Rahab probably thought never could happen.  Just goes to show that God can use the vilest of sinners for His Kingdom and for His honor and His glory.  God can use who He wants as long as they are saved and are willing to do whatever God wants them to do.  For every Joshua chapter 2 there is a Matthew chapter 1 and a Hebrews chapter 11.  God can take what we think is not worthy to be used in use them greatly.  Where are you at in your life?  Are you saved? If you’re saved are you letting God use your life? Are you living a life of faith as Rahab did?


This morning Bro. Ray Brown started off our revival meeting by preaching out of the book of 1 Kings 18: 17-21 on “Make Up Your Mind.”  People today have still not made up their mind if they are on God’s side or on Baal’s side.  Because people have not made up their mind they are headed to an inevitable doom of a divided home.  Today God is left out of all things where He used to be considered some years back.  We have got to make up our mind who we are going to serve.  In the choice there is a divine alternative.  It’s impossible to have two minds on the subject of who we are going to serve.  There is the evidence of the true God in verse 21.   They knew who Jehovah was.  They knew He was the self-existing one.  He is the eternal God.  He had no beginning and no ending.  He is the Almighty One, the all powerful One, and the independent One.   He is the God of resurrection.  He is the God of restoration.  He is the God of revelation.  God resurrected our souls and He restored us and He reveals Himself to us through the written Word of God.  There is also evidence of the false god – Baal.  Baal is the god of man creation.  He was the sun god.  He was the one that allowed man to do what they want to do.  He is the god of convenience.  They call on him when they are in trouble and that is it, but he doesn’t hear them.  Baal is the god of compromise.  Unfortunately Baal is still with us.  Baal rules and reigns in our lives when the true God is dethroned.  How long are we going to halt between two opinions? There is a price to pay if we choose Baal.  There is no middle ground.  We either choose God or we choose Baal.  What is your choice?


Tonight Bro. Ray Brown finished his sermon from this morning on “Make Up Your Mind” out of 1 Kings 18:21-39.  Elijah didn’t put God on the spot, He knew God would be there and answer his plea.  The worshippers of Baal did all they did to no avail.  No one was interested or even cared about it.  Elijah knew God, knew God would answer his prayer.  Elijah repaired the altar of the Lord and he cut the bullock in order and laid it on the altar in order.  He saturated the wood and the rocks with water.  Everything was dropping with water.  Then Elijah reverently and with faith called on the name of God and God heard and answered his prayer.  He did it to turn the heats of the people back to the Lord.  He didn’t do this for himself, but for the children of Israel that had gone astray.  Through this we see God’s power.  The God that answers by fire is the one true supernatural God.  God revealed His power on Mount Carmel that day and He also revealed His power on Mount Calvary.  Mount Calvary showed the greatness of God’s power.  Never was there a death that was as supernatural as the death of Christ on the cross.  There was darkness on the face of the earth for 3 hours.  The veil of the temple was rent in twain so that we could get to God.  The dead were resurrected from the dead, and Jesus rose from the dead Himself.  We also see God’s justice.  Elijah knew the fire was coming from God.  No one watched the fire that day without being fully convinced of the justice and holiness of God.  Everything was consumed even the water and the rocks.  The people must have trembled that day when they saw the fire of God come down from heaven.  At Mount Calvary the same thing happened but infinitely more horrible.  Our sin was place on Jesus’ back. God’s justice would have been just to take everyone that day, but He showed us mercy.  We see the awesomeness of God that day.  We should have been crucified that day on Mount Calvary, but thank God He let us go free.  He shows us great mercy that day by not giving us what we truly deserved.  We also see God’s mercy in verse 39.  We didn’t get what we deserved.  We also see the divine imperative in verse 21.  Elijah insisted.  He insisted that they follow the Lord as Caleb did and wholly follow the Lord with everything that they had.  What did the following involve? It involves repentance in verse 39.  They changed their mind and their direction. They were going away from God, but turned and started going towards God.  They realized who God truly was.  He is the God, nothing less.  It also involves acceptance in verse 39.  They all fell on their faces.  They didn’t forget what they saw that day.  It also involves obedience in verse 40.  They obeyed the man of God.  We ought to obey God when we get saved.  We need to kill our old self, our old man.  We need to kill it every day and every time it rears its head up at us.  We should behead the sin every time it rears up.  Don’t let it get a foot in the door of our lives.  Get rid of the sin in our life, don’t be tolerant to it.  We’re going to be tempted but we don’t have to yield to the temptation.  Keep God on the throne and deal with the sin.  What is your answer?  What is your decision?  Who are you going to serve?  The choice is yours.  Whatever you choose, go all out and hold nothing back.  If you’re going to serve Baal then go all out and serve your little god.  But, if you are going to serve God, hold nothing back either.  Serve God with everything you have, and follow Him wholly.


Our revival continues tomorrow night and Tuesday night.  Services begin at 7:30 p.m.  Come out and be with us if you can, we would love to have you.