Tuesday, August, 02, 2016

What a tremendous revival meeting we have had with Bro. Ray Brown this week.  We have heard some really great messages the past few days and we hate to see it come to an end.


Tonight Bro. Brown preached out of 2 Timothy 2:1-7 on “Some Things Every Christian Should Understand.”  The Christian life is all about Him, it’s not about us.  We see our position, in which we are in Christ Jesus.  We also see the strenuous nature of the Christian life, and we also see the sacrificial nature of the Christian service.  We should consider, or meditate, or think on the things that we’ve heard and read in the verses here.  Without the Spirit of God we cannot understand the Word of God.  There is no discharge in the Lord’s army, but it is strenuous.  There is no time to get out.  The gifts and calling of God is without repentance.  We see the athlete in these set of verses.  An athlete trains, and they do it intensely.  They train for one goal and that is to win the competition they are in.  For us, we have one goal as well, and our goal is Jesus.  Athletes put everything into their training.  We need to give our first best, and our all for Him. We should live as hard as we can for the Lord.  Heb. 12:1 – Run with patience THE RACE.  Patience here is getting in it for the long haul.  A race of endurance, saying we can’t go one more step but we still keep going.  We also see the farmer in these verses as well.  The farmer is one that labors.  There is constant toiling, plowing, and conditioning, sowing and reaping in a farmer’s life.  They are never finished with their work, and they can’t afford to waste a single minute of their time.  WE shouldn’t waste a minute of our life working and laboring and fighting for the Lord.  If we are going to do anything for Christ we must do it now.  There is disappointment in the life of a farmer.  There is the frost, the freeze, and the drought.  Patience is required and needed in order to be a farmer.  A farmer will never reap a crop if he doesn’t learn how to do it patiently.  We as Christians will never reap a crop for the Lord if we don’t do it with patience.  We must keep pressing on.  The Lord is looking for workers; will we be a worker for Him? We will reap in due season if we faint not.  We also see the sacrificial nature of the Christian experience in these sets of verses.  What we have to do to self is say “NO” – Luke 9:23.  We are not important.  Say NO to us and say YES to Jesus because He is important.   There are things we will have to put up with.  We will have to put up with hardness – getting up while it’s dark to pray.  Taking the extra needed time to get alone with God and get the help that we need.  Battle conditions are different for every one though we face the same battles.  Is there warring going in our lives? There should be.  If there isn’t we need to ask ourselves if we are still in active duty. Hardness comes from our families, our friends, and this world.  We will never be alone in our battle for the Lord.  Others are in the battle with us.  We all fight the same battle.  What’s encouraging is seeing those that have gone on before us and fought and won in the battle – 1 Peter 5:9.  We need to fight for our brethren – Philippians 3:10.  There are some things that should be avoided.  We should avoid the affairs of this life, the affairs of ordinary Christian life – Colossians 3:2.  If there is no standing army, we need to take up our sword and fight.  We must not let ourselves get entangled with civilian interests.  We may have to give up certain things if we are going to be what God intended for us to be.  We may have to give up certain interest, things that we used to like but do not draw us closer to the Lord.  We may also have to give up certain friends or more like they will give up on us because they will not want to be around us.  Our friends can become a snare and a weight to us if we are not careful.  There are some things that should be obeyed.  We are to strive lawfully.  We are to do things God’s way.  We can’t do things our way.  We have to do it the way God wants it done.  There are rules for the track and there are rules for training.  We can’t run the Christian race is we’re not saved; we have to be in the family of God.  God doesn’t need our opinions or our rules in the race of life we are running.  All we are to do is God’s will all the time – Matthew 26:39.  Self is the believer’s main problem.  The problem is our self is self-consciousness, self-pity, self-importance, self-will, and self-seeking.  God must increase in our life and we must decrease.  We will one day enjoy the fruits of the Christian life, the fruits of our labor.  Seeds that we plant in others that bear fruit, we will be able to see it and enjoy it.  It will be worth it all one day.  It’s worth all the pain.  The reward is that we will receive a crown.  If we strive lawfully and do things God’s way, we will one day receive a crown.  What greater joy do we have as Christians than to please Him?  Do we please God? Does our life please God? We’ll reap what we sow, more than we sow, and later than we sow?  Are you running the race God has for you? Are you fighting in the Lord’s army?

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