Sunday, August, 07, 2016

We had a really great day today in the Lord’s house.  We had 11 riders this morning on the bus and then we had 4 riders this evening.  The Lord is really good to us by allowing us to have a bus ministry and for letting kids ride our bus and come to our church.  What a blessing that really is.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua 3 and the crossing of the Jordan River.  We saw how the Levites carrying the Ark of the Covenant had to step into the Jordan River first so that the children of Israel could cross on dry ground. What faith the Levites must have had to have to step into the Jordan River.  They had to have faith in God, but they also had to have faith in Joshua that he was leading them the way that God wanted to lead them.  When the Levites stepped into the Jordan River, the water stood up at Zaretan and the rest of the river was dry.  God didn’t part the waters like He did with the Red Sea.  God dried up the ground of the Jordan River so that the children of Israel could cross on dry ground.  There was a space between the Ark of the Covenant and the children of Israel that would be about half a mile distance.  The children of Israel were not to get ahead of God as God leads them.  Even today we need to be like the children of Israel and let God lead us.  We don’t need to get ahead of God and His timing, but we need to let Him lead us.  The Bible is our map, and we need to follow what the Word of God says.  The Bible will lead us in the right direction and it will keep us in the center of God’s will for our life.  But, we have to have the Bible in front of us because we need to know where we are going in life.  We don’t know what tomorrow holds, or what next week holds, or what next year holds, but we know God who knows what tomorrow holds, and what next week holds, and what next year holds.  If we keep the Word of God in front of us, if our world gets turned upside down tonight we will know how to go and what to do because we are relying on the Word of God to lead us and to help us.  Is the Bible your road map for life? Do you let the Word of God lead your life?


This morning Pastor preached out of 2 Timothy 2:8-18 on “Living In The Christian Life.” They that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.  The resurrection is hated because it requires a change. In the midst of doing right, Paul was struggling.  If we serve God, we’re going to face and go through troublesome times in our lives.  Our troubles ought to draw us closer to God, but too often we allow our troubles to draw us away from God.  Our instinct as a human is to run and get away from trouble instead of getting closer to the Lord.  We forget in our trouble, we need to let God help us deal with our problems instead of run.  We need to remember to stay focused on what we really need to stay focused on because the Devil wants to sidetrack us and he wants us to lose focus on God.  If we read our Bible and study to be approved unto God the Devil will not be able to sidetrack us and cause us to lose focus on God.  When things go wrong, we need to STOP and get our Bible out and study until we are approved of God.  We are not getting more holy today; we are getting further away and get more ungodly.  When something comes our way unexpectedly, we should sharpen our self up in the Word of God and study it out so we know how to defeat it the next time.  We don’t need to listen to someone who says “I don’t see it that way.”  We need to get as far away from them as possible because they are only going to bring us down and make us lose focus on God.  In verses 17-18 they erred from the Word of God.  The Word of God is no longer saying anything; it is the people saying things.  Their words override what the Bible has to say.  If we bring sin into our life, our life will get worse and not better.  We can’t be a Christian and not come to the house of God.  We can’t be spiritual if we are not around the things of God.  The word “sure” in verse 19 means firm and immovable.  We hit the ground spiritually because our foundation is wrong.  If we want our marriage and family to work we have to get the right foundation.  The Bible will make our life great.  Does God know who you are? If we study our Bible we will find out that we have a firm foundation in Christ.  As Christians we need to depart from those things that make God mad.  If we do what we want to do we are not drawing closer to God.  Are you living to be approved by God or by man? What do you do when trouble comes your way?


Tonight Bro. Preston Cronan and his family were with us in the evening service.  He and his family are missionaries headed to the country of Wales in the United Kingdom.  He testified and presented his burden for the mission field.


Tonight Pastor preached on “The Call Of God” out of John 1:6-8.  God had a specific calling on John to pave the way of the Lord.  We all have a specific calling on our life and that is to bare the light and to share the gospel with those we are around whether they are saved or lost.  God is looking for a man or lady to fill in the gap.  When God called John, he responded.  Everyone is called tonight. The difference is how we respond to the calling.  Many people are being called to do a great work for God, but they are not responding to the call of God on their life.  Preachers are being called by God, but they are not responding to the call of God on their life.  John was committed.  We need to get committed to God with our life.  John didn’t know what was going to happen in his life, but god gave him a great testimony because he was committed to doing God’s calling for his life.  God uses committed people.  If we want to do something for God, we have got to get committed.  John was dedicated.  We have to be dedicated to God not just on Sunday morning, but every day of the week.  If we will fall in love with God we will get committed.  John was great because he was committed.  God saved us so we could shed light.  The more light that we shed the brighter it will become.  John was a witness.  How is your witness?  We don’t need to just be a witness when it’s soul-winning time.  We should be a witness every day wherever we go.  Our light should shine and we should let it shine all the time.  How bright is our light?  We should bare light to those that are saved to encourage them on their walk with the Lord.  Light only bothers those that like darkness.  The world wants to see light.  Can they see light through our life? If we’re committed we won’t quit.  When life gets hard, keep your eyes on Jesus and God will give you a pay day some day.  The pay day won’t just be when we get to heaven, but it will also be here on earth as well.  God will give us blessings by keeping our eyes on Him and being all that we should be for Him.

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