Tuesday, August 09, 2016

We had a great service tonight.  Bro. Terrell Hopkins preached for us tonight for our second week of Awesome Preaching in August.


Bro. Hopkins preached out of Hebrews 13:7, 17 on “A Good Church Member.”  The right church will have the right Master (Jesus Christ), the right manuscript (King James Bible), the right man of God, the right missions, the right message, the right ministries, the right music, and the right members (saved, born again).  We can either be a joy or a grief to our pastor.  If we’re a grief to him, it’s unprofitable for us.  We need and should be a blessing to our pastor.  We ought to help our pastor out whenever he needs help.  To be a good church member we have to grow in the Word – 2 Peter 3:18.  Don’t get mad at what the preacher preaches.  Listen to the man of God as he preaches, and think of how much God loves us to give a message to our pastor just for us to help us grow spiritually.  God thinks enough of us to give a message to our man of God that is just what we need and will help us in our time of need.  We should study and read the Word of God.  We need to learn the Word of God, and when we learn the Word of God we will fall in love with the Word of God, and then we will be living the Word of God.  We should put to practice what we’ve heard.  Put it to work in our lives.  Secondly we will be grateful that we have been washed – 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.  The darker the night the brighter the light will shine.  God will make a difference in our life when we get saved, when we get washed by the blood of the Lamb.  We ought to be the most thankful and grateful people on planet earth tonight.  We should NEVER get over what God has done in our life.  A grateful person will become a thankful person, and a thankful person will become a humble person, and a humble person will become a servant.  A good church member will also give to the work of God – Acts 4:34-35.  God finances the church through the giving of the members.  Give in tithes, missions, and special offerings.  It’s right to obey God in giving to the church we are a member of.  A grateful person is a giving person.  The more money that is given to the church the more ministries it will be able to have.  We also should be grounded when the wind blows – Matthew 11:7-11.  We should be like John the Baptist and be where we can’t be moved, we can’t be molded and we can’t be matched.  When God puts us in a church, we should stay in that church unless God moves us to start another church or go to the mission field or something like that.  Don’t get out of the ministry.  The Lord puts us where we are at.  The only time we should leave a church is when the standards are dropped; the wrong Bible is being used; or if soul-winning is diminished.  Don’t leave the church when the wind of feelings, or the wind of feud, or the wind of family (if mom and dad leave, don’t leave with them), or with the wind of fight (when your pastor’s fighting for what is right), or with the wind of friends.  Lastly we should guard against the wolves – Acts 20:28-29 and Matthew 7:15.  Wolves are deceptive (talk and walk spiritual but they are not), they don’t spare the flock (one leaves and their friends and family lives with them), and they are destructive.  Bro. Hopkins gave two more points but he didn’t elaborate much on them.  We also should be going into the world by being soul-winners and we also should glorify God in worship.  What kind of church member are you?

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