Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We had a wonderful time tonight in the Lord’s house and He gave us a great message tonight.  Bro. Michael Plowman was with us tonight for our third Tuesday of Awesome Preaching in August.


Bro. Plowman preached out of Matthew 13: 24-28 on “Sleepers.”  Tonight as Christians we have an enemy and we need to wake up to the fact that we do have an enemy.  Our enemy attacks when we sleep.  The sleep we are talking about is not a physical sleep but a spiritual sleep.  We are asleep if we are not doing what God wants us to do – Jonah 1:1-8.  Jonah lost his testimony.  1 Thessalonians 2:13.  Do we read our Bible every day? Are we faithful to church? Do we pray every day? Do we witness to others every day? Do we tithe 10% of our income? If we are not doing these things we’re falling asleep.  We should be God’s disciple and do what He wants us to do.  Secondly, we are asleep if we are doing what God doesn’t want us to do – Judges 14, 16:19.  Keeping secrets will make our life harder than it should be.  Samson kept secrets from his parents and from his wife.  He played with sin.  He walked through a vineyard when he wasn’t even supposed to touch the stuff.  Samson lost the power of God, he lost his hope, and he ended up committing suicide.  We can’t do wrong until we stop doing right.  If we never stop doing right we will never do wrong, we will never fall into sin.  NEVER stop doing right.   Our first step is always a step away from God if we stop doing right.  Also we are asleep if we are not listening to the Word of God.  When the preacher preaches we need to listen to what he has to say.  People fall out of church when they are more out than they are in.  Eutycus fell out of church.  If we stop listening to God we will fall out of church.  Don’t keep running from the voice of God.  Listen to His voice and heed what He is saying.  Lastly we are asleep when we follow afar off from God – Luke 22:39-46, 54, 56.  He was following afar off although he was still following Jesus.  It’s a sad thing when our Christian life becomes a past tense instead of a present tense.  A moment of time can cause our walk with Christ to become a past tense.  The strongest of Christian’s can follow afar off if we are not careful.  Spiritually, a yawn is a dangerous thing.  When we start yawning is when we get used to church, get used to the Pastor’s messages, get used to the truth, and get used to the Holy Spirit convicting us.  If we start getting used to things we need to shake our heads and get up and stop yawning.  Are you asleep?  If so, you can still wake up.  If you’re not asleep, don’t go to sleep because that is when the enemy will do his work in your life.