Sunday, August, 21, 2016

The Lord gave us a good day in His house today.  We had 19 kids ride the bus this morning with 3 of them being first time visitors and then we had 6 kids ride the bus tonight with 1 of them being a first time visitor.  We have a Spanish ministry during the Sunday school hour and Bro. Justin Epley preaches to the Spanish people that come to our church.  This morning 4 young men trusted Christ as their Savior.  What a blessing and what a mighty God we serve.


This morning for Sunday school we looked into Joshua 5 and how God appeared to Joshua as Captain of the Lord’s host.  He appeared to Joshua in order to strengthen him and help him to have courage in fighting the battles he is fixing to face.  But it was also to let Joshua know that the Lord was with him and that He would never fail him, nor leave him, nor forsake him.  Joshua was fighting for the Lord in conquering the cities of Canaan.  We are fighting today for the Lord and we are fighting against the world, the flesh and the devil.  We always need to remember who we are fighting because our warfare is not fleshly but it is spiritual.  We are not fighting with our neighbor or our friend in church but we are fighting a battle which cannot be seen with our naked eye.  Our weapons are mighty through God.  They are not mighty on our own, but only with God’s help.  They are mighty to the pulling down of strong holds.  There are things in our lives that if we are not careful we cause us to not fight or will cause us to fight the wrong enemy.  The strong holds that needs to be pulled down in our lives is our imaginations (those things that we think and imagine), every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God (pride), and that of disobedience.  We need to pull these strong holds down so that we can fight and fight the real enemy.


This morning Pastor preached out of 1 Peter 3:9-10 on “Jesus Is Coming Again.”  God has always had a remnant of preachers that would preach His Word.  God’s Word does not change and will NEVER change.  There has always been a remnant of preachers to preach.  No generation has ever gone without a preacher.  People will make fun of the truth that Jesus is coming again; but whether they scoff at it and not believe it, it’s going to happen.  Ready or not and scoffing or not, Jesus is coming again.  Thank God that the man of God is willing to preach the truth and to warn that Jesus is coming again and that we need to get our hearts right with God.  Everything in this world is changing except the message of God.  There will always be a rejection of God’s promises.  They are willingly ignorant of the promises and message of God’s Word.  They don’t believe He is coming back because He hasn’t come yet.  Wrong place to be is the wrong side of the door in not believing the message of God.  If we don’t believe it now, we will die and go to Hell because once we’ve heard the message when He comes back we will not be able to get saved as some books and religions teach.  There must be a repentance of the past if we’re going to go with Him.  If we’re going with Him, we must repent.  A person that truly repents will be different, there will be a change.  If our life doesn’t change, there was no real true repentance.  Whether a person gets saved from off the church pew or the drunk down town, there WILL BE a change in their life.  Repentance changes our direction, our attitude, and simply everything about us.  When we’re looking for the coming of Jesus, righteousness will be of preeminence in our life.  Righteousness will be of the utmost importance to us.  If we’re not living a righteous life we do not believe that He’s coming back.  We should walk circumspectly in this world if we are to live a righteous life.  We should also recognize the problem until Jesus gets back. Our problem this morning is not our spouse or our children or our neighbor, but our problem is US!!!  If we’re not careful we will get flippant and live how we want to live.  We are all capable of being led astray and led away by the Devil.  God leads us in, and the devil leads us out.  We can win by giving glory to God and by growing in grace.  Grow in grace with our lives and that will bring glory to the Lord.  Jesus is coming again.  Are you ready?


Tonight Pastor preached on “What Are You Hiding In Your Tent?” out of Joshua 6:16-19 and 7:20-26.  There are 2 steps to sin: look and covet.  Achan looked at the things of Babylon and coveted after them and therefore took of the accursed thing.  The people that we think would never fall into sin are the ones that will fall into sin.  What others see, is it really us?  Achan’s problem is the same problem that we have and it is “I.”  Nobody knows about it but you.  What are we hiding between our mattresses, or in the vents in our rooms, or the music in our cars, or the people that we talk to that would not be approved by others?  Anything that we have to hide is wrong and is sin!  If we’re determined to do wrong or to sin, we will find a way to get away the barriers that we have in our life and in our homes.  Men, fathers what is being let into the home? Are the clothes we wear really us? Worldly clothing is always related to rebellion.  If we ever backslide on God, we will always have a problem with the worldly garments.  Is it really us? If we really fall in love with Jesus, we won’t care about the clothes of this world.  Worldly things can be in our tents.  Achan wasn’t satisfied with the provisions of God; he was looking for more at all cost.  Grasping for the things of this world will take us away from God.  We can hide from the preacher and the church members, but there is One we can’t hide from and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Worldly desires can be in our tents.  One day we will our worldly desires if we decide to go to the world.  We should be careful and not let our eyes get on the world and the things of this world.  If we have a desire for the world, when the temptation and opportunity arises, we will take of the things of this world.  Why? It’s because our hearts and minds are filled with the desires of this world.  Achan’s desire came out when it was seen what was in his hand.  One day our true desires will be seen by others.  What are the desires of our heart? What delights us?  What makes us happy? Sin doesn’t just hurt us, but it hurts those around us.  While Achan was burying the sin people were dying.  While we’re out sinning, Antioch Baptist Church is hurting.  Joshua and the children of Israel had joy until the next battle.  Our sin will affect the church, but it will affect us first.  Our sin will eventually be brought out.  Everyone will be affected by our sin.  The 3 things that Achan took affected everything.  The difference between man’s plan and God’s plan is found in Joshua 7:4 and Joshua 8:3-4.  Achan missed the will of God by one battle.  The first battle everything was God’s and the second battle the children of Israel could take whatever they wanted.  If we delight in the Lord He will give us the desires of our hearts.  If we fall in love with God we won’t care about all the other things.  We will only care about loving the Lord, serving Him and doing our best for Him.  What is in your tent?  What are you hiding from others?  You are hiding it from others, but you’re not hiding it from God.  Be sure your sin will find you out.  It will come out one day.

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