Sunday, August 28, 2016

We had another great day in the Lord’s house today.  We had 18 kids on the bus this morning and then we had 8 more in the evening service.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua chapter 6 and the victory of Israel over the city of Jericho.  Jericho was a great city with great walls protecting the city.  The Israelites probably wondered and tried to figure out just exactly how God was going to make the walls fall down as they were walking around the walls of Jericho each day.  They prayed, they had faith in God, and they obeyed God and therefore God gave them the victory over Jericho that day.  Jericho was a challenge or a struggle to the children of Israel.  They were facing something they had never faced before.  Today we face challenges or struggles, or temptations.  Ours is not looking at a wall protecting a city, but they are challenges, struggles, and temptations that we face.  Some we have never faced before.  And, if we want to have victory we have to pray and have faith that God will help us.  We can have the victory; it is ours for the asking.  In any struggle or temptation we face, we should always ask the Lord to help us gain the victory over the struggle and ask for the strength to not yield to the temptation that we are facing.  What are some of the struggles or challenges, or temptations we face every day?  What makes them a challenge or struggle to us? Can God help us with our struggles, our challenges, or our temptations?  Yes He can because greater is He that is within us that he that is in the world.  If we are saved we have Christ living in us and God is greater than the Devil.  God will make a way for us we just have to ask Him and let Him lead our lives and show us the way to go.  Are you living victorious?


This morning Pastor preached out of 2 Timothy 4:6-8 on “How Will Your Life End?”  What will the ending statements of our life be? What will be said of us? What will our last words be? How is our life going to end? What will be said at the end of our life by others? Do we want our last full statements to be about Him? What others say about us when we die is very important.  If we died in the next hour, before we die, could we write these words down: I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith? What would we be able to write down on our piece of paper? I have fought a good fight. We fight the wrong things today.  Doctors abort babies every day and yet they care more about a trapped whale or an endangered owl.  We are fighting the wrong fight.  What the Apostle Paul fought for lasted forever; it was passed down from generation to generation.  The word good means genuine, beautiful.  Paul fought for what was right.  What are we fighting for? The Apostle Paul’s fight was at a church level and at a national level.  He finished his course.  If we’re on a course we’re supposed to finish that course.  We should start right and we should finish right.  The Apostle Paul started like he was supposed to, and he finished like he was supposed to.  We all have a course that we are on, and we will have to give an account of it.  We don’t need to have any regrets about the course we are on.  From time to time we get off course, but as long as we are still alive we can get back on course.  If we get off, get back on.  Get it right and get back on.  We shouldn’t want to live the rest of our life off course from what God wants.  The Apostle Paul did everything God had for his life.  I few do everything God wants us to do we will be able to say that we have finished our course.  Are we doing to stay off course or are we going to get back on course? Are we going to end our life filled with bitterness or mad at someone else? Lastly he kept the faith.  Through all his fighting and his struggles the Apostle Paul still kept the faith.  If we don’t make our mind up how we are going to finish, we may not finish the way we started.  One of the greatest disappointments to someone is knowing someone started right, knew what was right, but didn’t end right.  Everything we have been taught, we need to keep it and fight for it.  What we have right now is important and we can pass it on to others.  Keeping the faith won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.  If our home is in a mess, fight for it, and get the home right.  Yes, fighting hurts and we may have to fight against family and friends.  We need to make up our mind is our faith worth fighting for? If we died today would our kids follow in our faith? How you life your life is important? Are you leaving behind a legacy for future generations? What will others say of you if you died today?