Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We had a good time in the house of the Lord tonight.  Tonight ended our Awesome Preaching in August.  We have heard some tremendous messages this month from the different preachers that have preached for us on Tuesday nights.  Tonight we had Bro. Harry Hensley with us.


Bro. Hensley preached out of Isaiah 41:10 on “Fear Thou Not.”  We are living in troublesome times, but we need not fear because God is still able.  We need to keep on keeping on no matter how hard it gets and no matter what happens.  We should not fear because God said I am with thee.  God is always with us.  He’ll never leave us nor forsake us.  We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we have someone with us who does.  God will be with us in our times of troubles.  We all have troubles but nobody wants them.  We can take our troubles to God as He is always with us and cares for us.  He is with us in our times of tribulation.  Tribulation is no fun and self-inflicted tribulation is even worse.  Some things we could have avoided if we had just used common sense.  But because we didn’t use common sense we have brought tribulation upon ourselves.  If we live for God we are going to face tribulation at some point in our life, but God will be with us.  God is also with us in our time of testing.  No one wants to be tested.  But, when we are tested, we need to pass the test because if we fail the test we are going to have to take it over again.  God allows testing to come our way but we need to keep our eyes on Him and we don’t need to get ahead of Him.  In the midst of our testing, He is there.  He doesn’t always answer fast, but He’s always there.  Fear thou not for I will strengthen thee.  He will strengthen us for life’s journey.  God will not place anything on us that is harder than we can bear.  It looks pretty gloomy, but God will be there to strengthen us.  He’ll give us the strength to face our journey.  He will also strengthen us for life’s judgment.  Judgment must begin at the house of God.  Sometimes God allows judgment, but He’ll help us, encourage us, be with us, and strengthen us.  We also should not fear because God said I will help thee.  God is always a present help in time of need.  He will help us to do His will for our lives.  It is not hard to do something that’s fun.  We should enjoy doing God’s will for our lives.  He will help us if we are faithful in our walk.  Be faithful and He’ll help us.  Be faithful in EVERYTHING!  Be faithful to the house of God.  God will help us to have wisdom.  Ask God of wisdom and He will give it to us.  He’ll help us.  We don’t have to make the wrong decision – Proverbs 3:5-6.  A lot of young people are wrecking their lives because they made the wrong decision. A lot of marriages today are being wrecked because they made the wrong decision about their spouse.  Fear thou not for I will uphold thee.  There is a stipulation to His upholding us.  God does not approve of sin and He does not smile on us when we do wrong.  God will uphold us righteousness.  It may not be what we expect but it will be according to His will.  It’s never right to do wrong.  We are on the movie screen for someone.  Others are watching our lives.  God will uphold us in our repentance, in our remembrance, and in our reproach.  Lastly we should not fear because God said I am thy God.  God will take care of us because He is our God.  We fear not because He is our God.  He’s our God and He will help us.  FEAR THOU NOT!


Next week our mid-week prayer service will be moved back to its original day and time of Wednesday Evening at 7:30 p.m.