Sunday, September 04, 2016

It was good to be able to go to the house of the Lord today and just be amongst God’s people and to hear a message from the Lord.  The Lord allowed us to have 12 on the bus this morning and 5 on the bus this evening.  Those that came have been coming faithful, and we are thankful for their faithfulness in coming to church every chance that they can.


This morning we continued our lesson in the book of Joshua and we looked at Joshua chapter 7 this morning and the sin of Achan.  Achan took of the accursed thing from the city of Jericho when the Israelites defeated the city of Jericho.  He took a wedge of gold and silver and a Babylonian garment.  He looked, he coveted, and then he took.  He took what belonged to God and because of his sin the children of Israel were defeated in their next battle against Ai.  36 men lost their lives in the next battle because sin was in the camp and God was no longer with the children of Israel because of their sin.  Achan’s sin was uncovered by the Lord and judgment was pronounced on him and his family and all that he had.  He and his family and all his cattle were stoned to death, burned, and then a great heap of stones was laid on them.  Achan’s sin was a secret sin that no one knew about except for him and God.  Secret sin will destroy a person, a family, and a church if it is not confessed and/or dealt with.  The Bible says “be sure your sins will find you out.”  We can hide sin for so long before the sin will come out.  God will reveal it one way or another.  God doesn’t want us to hide and cover up our sin but He wants us to confess and forsake them.  A sin that is committed and not confessed will become easier the next time it is committed and even easier the next until eventually it becomes a habit.  When God deals with us about our sin we should confess it right then and there and forsake the sin.  We should do that so we can have the relationship with God that God wants us to have because if we have sin in our heart we cannot have a relationship with God and we cannot have our prayers answered.  Do you have secret sin in your life? If so, get it right with God.


This morning Pastor preached out of 2 Corinthians 4:3-5 and Luke 18:35-43 on “It’s Bad To Be Blind.”  The call of the blind man was great.  He sat by the wayside begging every day of his life.  The world doesn’t realize or know that they are blind.  What he was begging for fed his life that day.  He had to beg every day, because it only lasted for that day. He lived from day to day on what he begged for.  Every day he had to have something new because what he had from yesterday was gone.  The crowd was great that day as well.  The crowd was so loud it covered up the cry of the blind man.  There will always be a crowd that will drown out the cry of the blind and if we are not careful we will get our eyes on the crowd and off the blind man that is crying out for help and mercy from God.  There is a blind man out there among the crowd, we need to find him.  We can go to church and be blind we don’t have to be out in the world to be blind.  The cry was great that came from the blind man.  Somewhere in his lifetime someone told him about Jesus.  The crowd rebuked him from crying out, but they didn’t realize they were blind and what it is like being blind.  The cry of the blind man was louder than the crowd that day.  He cried out as loud as he could because it was bad being blind and he did not want to be blind any longer.  He had tried everything else this world had to offer and nothing could cure his blindness until he met Jesus.  Somebody brought him to Jesus at His command.  God let us bring others to Jesus through the bus ministry, the jail ministry, the prison ministry, and the nursing home ministry.  Everyone is brought to Jesus by someone else.  Religion will teach us how to operate as a blind person, but God will open our eyes and we can operate with our eyes wide open.  If we have a hard time following Jesus it may be that we’re blind.  When our eyes get opened we will follow Jesus.  Are you blind? Have ever been saved? Has Jesus ever touched your eyes so that you can see?  God doesn’t want you to live like a blind person, He wants you to be able to see, live for Him, and to follow Him.

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