September 11, 2016

We had a great day today in the Lord’s house.  We had 6 kids ride the bus this morning and then we had 1 for tonight’s service.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua chapter 8 and the victory of Ai.  The children of Israel were finally able to defeat the city of Ai once sin was out of the camp for good.  Everyone in the city of Ai was killed even the king of Ai.  Our enemy this morning is our worst enemy and it is what causes us to not do the things that we should be doing as a Christian.  The Bible says that we should walk in the Spirit so that we will not fulfill the flesh.  We should walk in the spirit and not let the flesh take control of our life.  If we make provisions for the flesh the flesh will win and we walk in the flesh, but if we make provisions for the Spirit, we will walk in the Spirit.  The choice is ours to make.  If we are to be what God wants us to be we have to walk in the Spirit. God will not make us; it’s a choice that we must make.  Are we making provisions for the flesh or for the Spirit?  The way we live our life every day tells whether we are making provisions for the flesh or making provisions for the Spirit.  If we will walk in the Spirit the flesh will not win and we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  Our fleshly desires will be killed because we are walking in the Spirit.  We must kill our flesh daily so that we can walk in the Spirit.  Are you making provisions for the flesh or the Spirit?  The choice is yours to make.


This morning Dr. Doug Howard was with us in the morning service and he preached for us.  He preached out of Luke 22:31-34 on “Our Battle.”  We see in these verses the proclamation concerning Peter’s faith – it was going to be tested.  We see his pride concerning Peter’s folly and we see the process concerning Peter’s failure.  He followed afar off, then he fellowshipped with the enemies, and then he failed – he denied his Lord.  In our life we have somebody to deal with – a foe.  The devil is identified.  The Devil is our foe – 1 Peter 5:8 and Ephesians 6:10-18.  The Devil works through our family, our faith, our finances, and our friends.  The intent of the Devil is to seize – his desire to have.  He wanted to claim back Peter.  He wants to pervert us, pollute us, and prevent us from returning back to God.  He also wants to sift us as wheat.  The indications of our foe are that he has to get permission from the Master to do anything to us.  A pruning method is taking place in our mind, God is working on us.  There is also a perfecting – die to self daily. God wants to perfect our minds so that our minds are on Him not us and the world.  He wants to perfect holiness and righteousness.  We all have a foe to deal with.  There is also someone to defend us – a friend.  Jesus was born of a virgin and He will have a vocal return.  He will return one day for His children.  Jesus is a personal friend we can talk to Him all the time and at any time.  He is a petitioning friend – He prays for us and He intercedes for us.  He is a pleading friend – He wants us to come to Him.  He is a perceptive friend – He knows what we need and He has it all in control.  His also a paternal friend – He is like a Father.  Lastly there is someone to develop us – the future.  The experience – is we can help others once we have been converted and gotten things made right with God.  Peter asked for forgiveness and he had to die to self.  There has to be self-examining, self-renunciation, and self-dedication.  Christ is in the process of making us subordinate to Him.  If we are not subordinate to Him we are not serviceable.   He is trying to make us sensitive to help others.  There I also the invocation – we can’t strengthen others unless we die to self.  Peter was strengthened through the Scriptures, he strengthened the seduced.  What we’re going through is to help and strengthen the young people and others.  Remember you have a foe and we need to fight against our foe.  Don’t let the foe beat you.


Tonight Pastor preached out of 1 Corinthians 11:23-31 and Luke 22:7-20 on “The Lord’s Supper.”  In many churches today the Lord’s Super has become a ritual instead of a remembrance.  It speaks of a method.  God has an order in which He did it.  He gave thanks first of all.  He spoke of His own death and yet He was thanking God for what was fixing to happen.  He showed us the heart of a servant.  God showed Himself as a servant.  The Lord’s Supper is a token of being a servant.  Jesus didn’t have to be a servant, but He chose to be a servant.  It spoke of the memory of the Lord’s death.  Every time we do it, it’s done so we can remember His death.  The Gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection.  The Lord’s Super is all about Him, not us.  It should be done continually and often.  It should be done with care.  It isn’t a time to laugh and to play.  We should be quiet and thing that we don’t have to go to Hell and He didn’t have to do this for us.  There was no care about the Lord’s Supper at the church of Corinth.  It was a particular and peculiar meal.  Jesus used unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine.  Jesus didn’t use an alcoholic drink.  God will never use anything He condemns so therefore the wine at the Lord’s Supper was not alcoholic but rather it was of the fruit of the vine.  It also speaks with a meaning.  God’s life, God’s body was broken so ours don’t have to be.  God went through everything so we wouldn’t have to.  God took our pain and our death so that we will never have to feel the flames of Hell.  Jesus’ body was broken so that ours could be healed.  He shed His blood for our sins so we don’t have to shed ours.  We could never be good enough to make atonement for our sins.  Our blood will never be good enough to get us into Heaven.  It lastly speaks with some mandates.  We must be saved in order to take of the Lord’s Supper.  We are only worthy through Him.  We should also be in obedience to the Word of God.  We must also scrutinize our self.  We need to see if we’re genuine and to make sure there is no sin in our life.  It is set aside for holy people, those striving to live a holy life.  This do in remembrance of me.  Jesus died for the church.  We should ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget what Jesus did for us.

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