Sunday, September 25, 2016

What a tremendous day we had in the Lord’s house today.  We should all be thankful for the privilege to be able to go to church and worship the Lord. This morning we had 11 kids ride the bus with 4 of them being first time riders.  This evening we had 1 bus rider.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua chapter 10 and how the children of Israel had to help the people of Gibeon fight against the 5 kings of the Amorites.  God delivered the Amorites and the 5 kings into Joshua’s hand.  The children of Israel had to help the Gibeonites because they had made a league with them.  Because of that league the children of Israel was compelled to help them fight their battle.  In a sense they were in bondage to them because they had to help them fight a battle.  As children of God we are free from bondage yet we live like we are still in bondage.  God saved us and freed us from the bondage that sin and the devil has over our lives.  Yet, we still live like we are in bondage and we put ourselves back in bondage.  We allow sin and the world and the flesh to put us in bondage.  As long as we are in bondage we will never be able to do much for the Lord because that bondage will be holding us back.  God doesn’t want us to live in bondage; He wants us to live victorious.  In order for us to get victory over the bondage we have allowed in our life we have to ask God for help.  Are you living in bondage, or are you living the victorious Christian life?


This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 17:20-37 on “The Signs Of The Time.”  People are trying to figure out God and when He’s coming back again.  They have written books and produced movies about it.  The truth of the matter is no one will ever know when He’s coming back.  Man will never know when he’s coming back, but the signs of the time are here.  There is no preparation for the future.  The world is living like everything is OK, but the world is in a mess.  People don’t care.  Nothing means anything to them anymore.  There is no care for their soul.  They are in good shape financially and physically and therefore they are not preparing for the future.  They aren’t planning for the future; they are not preparing their soul for the future that lies ahead of them.  People don’t believe He’s coming back and because of that they are not preparing for the future.  There is an uncontrolled passion.  They were given and taken in marriage.  This here is killing America.  The internet, and pornography and television are killing America.  Women just go with whoever they want and they don’t care.  Today most people are not getting married; they just shake up together and live in fornication.  Divorce is just another word; it’s just another thing, and no one think twice about it.  Their mind is uncontrolled.  God made marriage for one man and one woman for life.  God hates divorce.  It’s important that we marry correctly.  Today there is no love in marriage and given in marriage which is why we have uncontrolled passions.  There is an unnatural perversion.  Sodomy was rampant in the days of Lot and it is running rampant today as well.  Child molestation is running rampant in America as well.  Parents are selling their children just so they can get some extra money.  American has gotten so sick in their mind.  It’s unnatural for a man to like a man and a woman to like a woman.  There is also an unidentified pull.  There is a pull to go to the world and to stay in the world and to be like the world.  People are going to church this morning but there is an unidentified pull in their life.  Today there’s not much of a difference between a Christian and the world because of the pull that the world has on a Christians life.  There are 4 things that are a great thing in the lives of the people in this portion of Scripture.  There is always a path that can be followed.  Noah laid a path that could be followed.  He was perfect in his generation.  He had a path to follow and he stayed on that path.  Everyone is losing their family, but we don’t have to if we will stay on the path that God has for us.  There was a preacher.  In both Noah and Lots days they had a preacher that preached righteousness.  The preacher was not a popular man, but God has always and will always have a man.  God leaves us with the thought to never forget to pray.  If we get our eyes on the world we are more likely to sit down.  We need to spend time in prayer.  Jesus is coming again, and we have that promise for God Himself.  Jesus died so that we could go to Heaven and we could be prepared to go to Heaven.  Every person makes that choice of where they will spend eternity.  Will you chose mans way or God’s way?  Jesus ALWAYS satisfies but sin never does.  Jesus is coming again, are you ready? Are you make preparations for His return?