Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We had a good service tonight in the Lord’s house.  Pastor preached an excellent message tonight.  Pastor preached out of 3 John 9-12 on “A Person Without The Truth.”  Diotrephes was a man of learning, but was a novice.  He didn’t know the Scriptures.  A person without the truth makes sure that preeminence is of the utmost importance.  By the word preeminence we see that he had the upper way, he always had to have his way.  His love was controlled.  As long as he was the leader he was OK.  He had to be in control.  A person with this attitude always hates those he cannot dominate.  Secondly they will prater with their words.  The word prating means empty charges.  They use words of false accusing.  Matthew 5:11 – The words revile and evil in this verse is the same as the word malicious in 3 John 10.  A man without truth can only speak lies.  As a Christian we should not be a prater.  The mentality of a prater is to destroy someone at any cost.  They don’t care.  Also they are without peace.  Diotrephes was never satisfied and a person without peace will never be satisfied.  They get what they want and they are still not satisfied.  Peace and contentment comes only through the Word of God.  No truth, no peace.  The truth that sets us free will also bring persecution.  The truth doesn’t stop for anybody.  Fourthly, they have no partners of fellowship.  They have no fellowship with those in the house of God and those living in the truth.  They don’t fellowship with the truth.  Lastly a person without truth leads no path for the believer.  Follow them, and they will hinder us in our purpose for the Lord.  A leader is a person that can be followed.  Most people don’t walk in the truth because they don’t read the truth.  We have gotten away from the truths of the Word of God.  Truth sets us free, then untruth will bind us.  We don’t need to follow the way of Diotrephes.  We are not so spiritual that it can’t happen to us.  We can be tricked to follow that which is evil.  Drop the truth in one area and another truth will follow suite shortly after.  Be a person of truth so others can see the truth in you.

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