Sunday, October 02, 2016

What a blessing and a privilege it was to be in the house of the Lord today.  The Lord sure is good to us.  We had 12 riders on the bus this morning and 3 of those were first time riders.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any riders for the evening service.


This morning for Sunday school we continued our lesson in the book of Joshua in Joshua chapters 10-12.  We saw how that Joshua defeated 31 kings in the land of Canaan.  God helped them fight their battles and helped them win.  They destroyed every living person in each piece of land that they conquered.  Joshua did everything that God had commanded him and Moses to do in the land of Canaan.  Are we going to do everything that God has called us to do and wants us to do?  In order to do so we have to make a commitment in our heart to do all that God wants us to do.  If we don’t make a commitment we won’t go through with it and we will allow the smallest thing to keep us from doing all that God wants us to do.  God wants us to be a soul-winner for Him.  Will we be that soul-winner until the day that we die, or will we allow something to keep us from witnessing for Him.  God also wants us to pray and read our Bible.  Do we read the Bible and pray each day?  If we miss a day do we make sure that we do it the next day or do we skip that day as well because we say or think what’s the use since we didn’t do it yesterday.  We don’t need to quit on anything that we do for God.  If we are not careful we will quit because of our friends.  If our friends are not doing anything for God we will soon quit doing what we are doing.  We need to have and keep friends that are doing something for God. Will we quit because we get tired and sit down.  As a Christian we shouldn’t be sitting, but rather we should be standing and walking and running for the Lord.  If we sit we are going to be in trouble.  Finish what God has called you to do.  Don’t allow anything to keep you from doing what God wants you to do.


This morning our missionary with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Bro. Wendell Rogers was with us and preached for us.  Bro. Rogers preached out of Psalm 102:19-20 on “God’s Looking.”  Why would God choose the prisoner and loose him?  God looks at our needs.  He knows what we are going through and exactly what we need.  God provides and God blesses us.  God will hear our prayer.  God is in the helping business. God heard their cry and He heard their groaning.  They had an urgent need.  We have been delivered from hell and death just as this man was.  God is rich in compassion and mercy and love.  God meet us in our dirt and filth and mire.  But yet He still loves us and saves us.  He loved us and washed us with His blood.  He gave Himself for us – Galatians 2:20, 2 Timothy 2:6, and Titus 2:14.  He’s done a lot for us.  He understands our groanings. God will hear our groaning.  We need to pour out our heart to God.  God is listening for something for mus.  He is looking for a sound from us, a sound of groanings.  Groanings have a different sound when they are spoken.  God listens to the searching, obedient and receiving heart.  God will not listen to a heart that is full of pride, disobedient, full of hatred, and hard hearted.  GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!!

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