Wednesday, October 05, 2016

We had a good time in the Lord’s house tonight.  Had a great time of singing and then we heard a tremendous message tonight.


Pastor preached out of Ephesians 4:1-3 on “Guarding Our Calling.”  This is a calling for every single person that is a Christian.  We are to guard our unity and to guard ourselves.  We should guard with all lowliness.  The word lowliness means humility, a humble opinion of oneself, and deep sense of one’s littleness.  What we do for God is a privilege to us, not to God.  We don’t have a lowly opinion of our self because we are not getting a true picture of who we are.  We will get a true picture of who we are by looking into the mirror of the Word of God.  God doesn’t have to have us, yet He chooses to use us.  What we’ve done compared to what God has done leaves no match or comparison.  If we have a high opinion of our self we’ve developed it by our self.  We should guard with meekness as well.  The word meekness means mildness, a person that wholly relies on God.  We should know that we can’t make it without Him.  We can’t make it on our own.  Our strength is feeble and we will never make it to the finish line on our own strength.  We have to have God’s strength and help.  If we do it in our own strength we will die alone.  Thirdly we should also guard with longsuffering.  The word longsuffering means slowness in avenging wrong.  Without unity we would have to deal with problems like the world does.  But because there is unity in the church we deal with problems differently.  There should be longsuffering between those in the house of God.  We have to make a choice when we get hurt.  Will we show longsuffering or will we allow bitterness into our life?  To keep a healthy marriage, the problem needs to be fixed ASAP.  Whatever comes our way we have to deal with it our self.  Just because others quit o God, we don’t need to let it affect us forever.  Nothing is limited to those in unity.  Lastly we should guard with forbearing one another in love.  The words forbearing one another means to sustain, or to hold them up.  If we want unity, when someone is struggling, we should hold them up in prayer.  No, we may not know what they are going through but that shouldn’t stop us from lifting them up in prayer.  We don’t need to quit or to give up.  We have a calling.  Our calling is the greatest on earth.  What we do is only done because of God.  Our calling is on the inside.  Are you guarding your calling?


Sunday we will begin our Annual Missions Conference.  For Sunday morning service and Sunday evening service Bro. Preston Young will be with us Lord willing.  Then on Monday-Wednesday, Bro. Travis Blackwell will be with us each night.  Come out and be with us if you can.

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