Sunday, October 09, 2016

Today started our Annual Missions Conference.  What a start we had today to our Missions Conference as well.  Bro. Preston Young was to be with us today for both the morning and evening service but unfortunately he had a member of his church pass away and he preached his funeral today.  Please be in prayer for the family and also for the church as well.  We had 19 kids this morning on the bus with 7 of them being first time riders.  What a blessing these kids are to us.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Joshua chapter 13 and how that the children of Israel received their inheritance in the land of Canaan.  God told Moses and Moses told Joshua how to divide the land of Canaan for Israel’s inheritance.  This was their land given to them by God.  As a child of God we have an inheritance as well.  The moment we get saved we are given eternal life and a mansion in heaven to live in.  But in order to receive the inheritance from God we have to first put our trust in God for salvation.  We must trust in Him and His work that He did on Calvary for us to save us.  Nothing that we can do can get us into heaven; we must trust in Jesus and ask Him to come into our heart and save us.  But after salvation we still need to trust Him with our lives.  If we don’t trust Him we won’t make it very far in the Christian life.  We need to trust God because He is the only One Who knows what the future holds for our lives.  Have you put your faith and trust in God to save you? Do you trust God with your life?


This morning Pastor preached for us and he preached out of 2 Corinthians 10:15-16 on “Why Do We Give To The Regions Beyond?”  God saved us to get the gospel out.  Not only should we give but we should also go and tell.  We give to reach the regions beyond.  We give because of the boundaries of the Gospel – 1 Corinthians 1:17.  The Gospel has no boundaries.  The only boundary the Gospel has is when we get in the way.  The Gospel doesn’t need to change, because it will change people.  The Gospel has to be given out.  Just because people don’t believe the Gospel, it doesn’t change the Gospel.  The language is different for different countries, but the message is still the same no matter where it goes.  Secondly we give because of the beauty of the Gospel – Romans 10:15.  We send money to those that have the most beautiful feet.  To the natural eye they are ugly, but in God’s eyes they are beautiful.  Every time we knock on a door, or give out a tract, or share the gospel, or give to missions, our feet are beautiful.  The Gospel is beautiful when it arrives on time.  A message that doesn’t arrive on time is no good.  We also give because of the binding of the message – 1 Corinthians 9:16.  It is a binding relationship.  It is a necessity that we get the message out.  It is the world’s only hope.  The world is drowning in their sin and they need the message.  We give because it’s a necessity.  There is grief when the message is not preached or given out.  We give out of necessity and God gives out of love.  Lastly we give because of the blessing of the Gospel – 1 Corinthians 15:1.  People have a new foundation when they get saved.  Keep giving the Gospel out, don’t ever QUIT.  God keeps a record of all we give and all that we do.  Ask God to renew the joy of why we give to mission.  Do you give? Do you witness?


Tonight Bro. Ronnie Young (Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church in Cleveland, NC) preached for us.  He preached out of 2 Corinthians 8:9 on “The Expression Of Grace.”  The word “grace” is mentioned 5 times in this chapter.  We first see his concentration “he became.”  There was a change in His position, His action, and His work in glory.  He was a selfless sacrifice.  He was rich – He created the world, He owns everything, the angels serve Him, everything is servant to Him, the winds and the seas obey Him.  Nothing can make Jesus any richer.  His concentration was on us and He went from being rich to being poor.  He emptied Himself of His glory.  He refused power for His own personal reasons or needs. We also see His consideration “yet for your sakes.”  He went from having wealth and riches to being a pauper with no place to lay His head.  He walked everywhere He went.  He thought on us, that is the reason He became poor.  He did it for our sakes.  Christ volunteered.  He chose alone and made the choice with us in mind.  He laid His life down for our sakes.  We also see Christ’s substitution – the reason He became poor.  Do we feel wealthy?  We should.  He became poor because He wanted something to change in our life.  We are rich tonight because He became poor.  We are blessed tonight because He died for us.  He substituted wealth for poverty so that we might substitute poverty for wealth.  We also see Christ’s grace.  Christ went to the cross to enrich us.  God multiplies grace in our life every day of our life.  We live because He gave for us.  We are whole because He was broken for us.  WE have because He gave.  Lastly we see His challenge “for ye know.”  Have we heard this so much that what Christ did for us doesn’t influence us any longer? He emptied Himself for us, yet we forget.  What do we know? The grace of God is what we know.  A challenge is given to every believer.  We are to give because of God.  We have the power to be gracious – vs. 3-4.  They were begging Paul to make a list so they could give to missions.  There is somebody out there that will never have any hope if we don’t show the grace of God to others as God has showed grace to us.  Grace gives us the power.  Does the grace of God influence our life?  God’s people sacrifice in order to be gracious – vs. 1-2.  We can’t do it, but we can do it through Christ.  They didn’t have it but they gave it and God gave it back to them.  They gave so that others could be saved.  Our sacrificial giving helps thousands of people every week.  If He has us, He also has our pocketbook.  God’s people volunteer because they are gracious – vs. 3-5.  Jesus left voluntarily from heaven, He didn’t have to leave.  They gave themselves to the Lord first and then to others.  If we love we will give.  We will do what we want to do.  What is in our heart we will do something about it.  They gave of themselves and money was no problem to them.  God is more interested in our spiritual giving than our spiritual gifts.  He gave us our gifts, and God wants us to use what He has given to us.  There is no giving that we can’t give that God doesn’t bless us.  Is our love real? It will be shown in our giving if we love Him or not.  God’s people gifts become larger in their scope.  There is no telling who will get saved because we give.  We give up what we have to make a difference in someone else’s life.


Our Missions Conference continues tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. with Bro. Travis Blackwell preaching for us.

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