Monday, October 10, 2016

We continued our Missions Conference tonight with Bro. Travis Blackwell.  He will be preaching for us tomorrow night and Wednesday night as well.


Bro. Travis Blackwell preached tonight out of 1 Kings 17:8-16 and Luke 17:5 on “Lord, Increase My Faith Promise.”  Faith promise is giving beyond our means.  We will give more if we stay in the Word of God.  We must first have to be sure of God’s commandments – vs. 9 & 11.  People like to come, but they don’t like to go and give.  We don’t want to have to give up what God has given us.  Where there is a creature there should be a preacher.  There will always be somebody around us that needs the Gospel.  There is no limit to where we can reach.  We’re going to have to surrender our self to the Word of God.  We need to be selfless not selfish like this lady was in this passage of Scripture.  If we don’t like to give then we are selfish.  We must also be sincere in our concern – vs. 10-13. We don’t need to be afraid and we don’t need to quit giving.  There are still souls that need to be saved.  This lady was concerned about the preachers need.  She had genuine compassion.  We need to get a burden and a concern for lost souls.  She cared about the man of God and the people he would reach.  How can they hear without a preacher and how will they have a preacher if we don’t give.  We don’t have any concern because we don’t see the need.  We should do it because God tells us to do it.  We don’t need to let our need exclude us from the blessing of giving – Jude 22.  Lastly we should be sure of the commander – vs. 14.  She was sure of God and His Word.  She knew who the Lord God of Israel was.  She knew God would take care of her.  If we do right, God will take care of us.  She gave and God gave back to her.  When we give God will give back to us.  God gave back so that she would keep on trusting God.  Give and He’ll give you enough to pay your bills and to meet your need day by day.  Will you let God increase your faith promise?


Our Missions Conference continues tomorrow night with Bro. Travis Blackwell at 7:30 p.m.