Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tonight was the last night of our Missions Conference.  We had a great week and we heard some great messages this week.  Pastor, Bro. Ronnie Young, and Bro. Travis Blackwell preached some really great messages this week.


Tonight Bro. Blackwell preached on “Missions” out of Matthew 28:18-20.  Through these verses we see the command of missions.  God didn’t make the commission a suggestion, He made it a commandment.  We go and tell others to win the lost.  We are to go and preach the Gospel to the lost.  Missions is all about the Gospel.  Who is to go? We are to go.  Every Christian is responsible to give the Gospel out.  God is looking for us, looking for someone to go.  What should we take? We should take the Bible with us. This is the only tool that we will need to reach the lost.  God loves preaching, and He used preaching to save souls.  Where do we go? We should go into all the world? We have a lot of work to do.  We have to take the Gospel to them.  Who will go with us? Jesus will go with us.  He is coming with us, and will help us.  He’ll give us what we need to witness to others.  He is with us always.  We also see the commitment “teach all nations.”  That’s not a small task.  There are 7.5 billion people on the earth and 7 continents with over 6,500 languages.  Others will never hear unless someone makes a commitment.  Jesus would not have told us to do something that’s impossible.  If God tells us to do something, He’ll give us the power to get it done.  Our problem is our lack of commitment.  How much do we pray for our missionaries?  Thirdly we see the cost of missions.  It is an expensive endeavor but it’s worth it all in the end.  We also see the compassion of missions.  There must be compassion – Jude 22.  If we don’t care about others we won’t give.  We’ll participate and give in what we are passionate about.  Lastly we see the consolation of missions.  The consolation is that we will have the presence of God with us.  We will reach a lot of people on this road which is a great reward.  We never lose when we reach someone for Christ.  There is eternal value in one soul being saved.  A life lived for others is the greatest life we can live.  Our labor is not in vain in the Lord.  God’s business is the greatest business in all the world.  How is your outlook on missions?

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